About MBR

Madison Beer Review is an online niche publication based in Madison, Wisconsin. Our focus is on craft beer, the craft beer industry, and the culture of craft beer. We provide news and analysis on topics relevant to the enjoyment and production of beer and the impact on the local and Wisconsin economy. MBR's staff is knowledgeable, excited, and passionate about craft beer. We will also publish freelance reports from around the state and around the country from others.

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We also have a number of beer education programs that have received rave reviews from participants. Our speaking engagements, by Editor-in-Chief Jeff Glazer, are fun and informative and tailored to the interests of the group; with a background ranging from business to law to history, Mr. Glazer will hold the interest of any group meeting. Our 30 minute to 2 hour tastings will open your senses to the wide world of beer. If you are interested in booking Mr. Glazer for a presentation or discussion, please contact him below.

Conflict of Interest Note: Please note that Mr. Glazer is an attorney in Madison, Wisconsin; his specialty is business law and the brewing industry and some of the breweries written about here may be clients. While occassionally the two endeavors may overlap, every effort is made to ensure unbiased reporting. I hope you agree that MBR provides enthusiastic and fair criticism.


Editor-in-Chief: Jeffrey M. Glazer
Contributing Writer: Robyn Klinge
Contributing Writer: Joe Walts
Contributing Writer: Travis Reinke
Contributing Writer and Beer Talk Today Correspondent: Matt Lange
Beer Talk Today Correspondent: Jon Nodler
Beer Talk Today Correspondent: Kyle Brown

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Editor's Note

We started Madison Beer Review beacuse of a belief that the Wisconsin brewing industry, in particular the craft brewing segment, is one of the most skilled and exciting and interesting in the country. We strive to ensure that everyone is made aware of and appreciates the skill and hard work of our truly master brewers. We also believe that the people and products and businesses not only contribute to, but are impacted by our communities and our neighborhoods. Thus, to have a strong and vibrant brewing industry, we need strong and vibrant communities. To that end, Madison Beer Review is extensively involved in community outreach through our beer education programs and speaking engagements that we put on for numerous local charities. By supporting our communities we are providing a strong foundation for our brewers, and by supporting our brewers we are enriching our communities.