Monday, September 3, 2012

End of Summer Summer Beer - O'So 3rd Wheel

O'So has a new bottle on the shelves called "Third Wheel". The label has a picture of some "dude" (you can tell because his O'so hat is backwards) doing an endo with a three-wheel bike. The yellow, orange, and red label calls it a Belgian-Style Blonde.

I like blondes (the beer, not the girls; I mean, I like blonde girls, too, but Mrs. MBR is not such a girl); or, I like the theory of blondes. In practice, I find I'm not as big of a fan as I think I should be. So, why? Well. I like flavorful light beers. The English Mild, the Kolsch, and the Pilsner are among some of my favorite styles. But I also like my beers dry. And American-ized versions of Belgian beer tend to be very sweet.

This is strange, but I think there's a few reasons for it. First, and I'm sure some technocrat will correct my horrible science, I think we over-do the "Belgian-y-ness" (is that a word??). In other words, Belgian beers, from Belgian, rarely taste like Americans think they do or make them as. Maybe it's our weird adherence to "style" maybe it's the fact that we only have access to a small (very small) handful of "Belgian" yeasts. But, most American-Belgian beer tastes the same to me; American Tripels often taste like little more than "Imperial Blondes". Whereas, Belgian beer rarely has the sameness that Americanized versions exhibit.

So, all of that is a weird introduction to a beer I haven't tasted. But, I do keep trying American Belgian Blondes because, well, I want to like them.

O'So 3rd Wheel
BA (NA). RB (NA).

Appearance: Poured into a classic tulip glass, the head disappeared before I could get the bottle turned upright, but for a brief moment it was white and foamy; otherwise, a dull straw color in the glass with decent clarity; barely noticeable carbonation
Aroma: Strawberries and peaches are first, followed by a slight bread crust aroma
Flavor: Bright and flavorful with hints of strawberries and raspberries, a mild aged grassy hoppiness is definitely present
Body: light, but does retain some sweetness in the finish
Drinkability: it would be way too easy to drink a six-pack
Summary: I'd like a little more carbonation to break up the sweetness, but it is definitely not overly sweet and cloying like what I mentioned above; while I like the six-pack I have, I probably won't rush out to buy another (it didn't grab my attention that much), but I'd definitely not shy away from telling someone they should grab some and would more than happily drink more!

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