Monday, August 27, 2012

Only A Little Silly

OK, I admit, I don't get Twitter. Nonetheless, here at Madison Beer Review we dutifully have a Twitter feed that you can follow if you like:

Well, if you'll recall from this post there's a new tween sensation named Madison Beer (that's her real name, I guess) - she's even got the Justin Beiber stamp of approval. Well, guess who's Twitter profile is @MadisonBeer ?

I get some weird Direct Messages...some samples:

@JaiLukeBrooks69: @MadisonBeer What you do when you bored?
[ed note: I drink beer.]

@Amandaaaxox: Hanging out with @MadisonBeer at @thewantedmusic love this girl so much!
[ed note: I don't remember going to that show...probably drank too much beer]

@VogueSimpson: #IdLike2WakeUpAs either @selenagomez, @MadisonBeer or @CodySimpson's girlfriend.
[ed note: I'd like to wake up as Selena Gomez, too!]

@MorgynCallaway: @MadisonBeer please followw mee please please please!!:)
[ed note: two things, 1) "Morgyn"? Really? Are you in Lord of the Rings? Come on; 2) well...if you insist, but I don't think you're going to like it]


  1. If you're lucky, she'll blow up huge and want to pay you $$$ for the twitter handle.


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