Thursday, July 19, 2012

Press Release Thursday: Bos Meadery

I have a love-hate relationship with mead - I either love it or hate it and there's very few that I'm indifferent to. Colleen makes the good stuff.

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The Near East Side Has Another Addition to Its Vibrant Food and Drink Culture

Add mead—honey wine, the world’s oldest fermented beverage—to the growing array of craft beverages produced in Madison, Wisconsin. Bos Meadery, located at 849 East Washington Avenue, Suite 116, is Madison’s first meadery.

Mead is experiencing a renaissance in the US. In the past year The New York Times, Forbes and National Public Radio have all reported on the rise of mead as a growing trend in the world of craft beverages. As mead gains popularity on both coasts, Madison, with its community of locavores, craft brew drinkers, and beekeepers, is primed to welcome local mead. While a few wineries in Wisconsin produce mead, Bos Meadery will be the first facility dedicated solely to mead production.

Bos Meadery was founded by Colleen Bos, a long-time homebrewer and meadmaker who attended the world-renowned Siebel Institute’s Concise Course on Brewing Technology.  “Mead is similar to wine in alcohol content,” Bos notes, “but it lends itself to the same kind of creativity with ingredients—herbs, spices, fruits, and more—that craft beer offers” Bos has over 12 years of experience as a project manager in research and technology fields, and her background in medieval studies gives her a unique perspective.

“Our dry and sparkling meads are different from the traditional sweet mead of ancient and medieval lore,” she says. “These meads are a new breed of refined beverages that are lighter on the palate, and suitable for pairing with a wide variety of foods.”

Bos Meadery is committed to local agriculture and uses local and regional ingredients wherever possible. The honey used in the mead isn’t boiled, and is treated gently to maintain its natural aromatic qualities. Bos Meadery puts a great deal of emphasis on yeast science and nutrition to ensure the healthiest fermentation and a smooth drink.

Bos Meadery started production on July 13, 2012 and anticipates having mead available for sale starting September 1, 2012. The facility will produce about 1,000 gallons of mead in the first year. Tours and tastings are available by appointment, with a tasting room in the works. Bos Meadery is working with Beechwood Sales/Specialty Beverage of Wisconsin for distribution. It will be available at many local bars, restaurants, and retail locations.

Bos Meadery is also launching a Kickstarter campaign to help ensure it gets off to a good start. You can find the project at:


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