Friday, July 13, 2012

Catching Up On The News

- From the "Let Me Up I've Had Enough" Category: How do you keep your distributor from paying attention to someone else? Do what Anheuser-Busch ("A-B") is doing: flood your distributor with so much inventory that they don't have enough time or manpower to pay attention to anything else. "This accomplishes two things. One, it eats up space in the warehouse forcing the wholesaler to control what it can control and cut inventory levels from other suppliers which leads to recurring [Out of Stock] situations in the market and less competition at retail for [A-B]. ... Two, it takes the wholesaler focus away from competing brands as they struggle to find ways to get all that [A-B] product to market before running into code date issues."

- There are a ton of new breweries open - just in the vaguely Madison-ish area: House of Brews' tap room on Helgesen Dr is now open T, W, F from 3:30pm until the last person leaves; One-Barrel Brewing on Atwood has its doors open for good beer and snacks; Port Huron Brewing Company in the Dells has product rolling off the lines; frat boys and sorority girls, past or present, can throw on a "We'll Never Forget You Brent" t-shirt, some pink faux-RayBans, and quaff a Sconnie beer or seven; and, while it's nowhere near Madison, if you happen to be in Sheboygan the "hot-thing"-du jour is the new 3 Sheeps Brewing Co

- From the "Consumers Aren't Doing Their Job, Either" Department: Wisconsin beer sales for 2010 were the lowest in 5 years with tax revenue collected at a paltry $9.3 million. Rowland's Calumet Brewery in Chilton paid its fair share: "If (customers) are going to drink a beer in a bar, they are going to drink a craft beer," said [owner, Bonita] Rowland, who sells beers including Calumet Rye and Fat Man's Nut Brown Ale. The brewery was taxed $21 for 21 barrels." So, please, do your part to help the state economy and go to Chilton and make Rowland's brew more than 21 barrels so they have can pay more taxes, sheesh.

- Finally, two hop-related notes: first, Gorst Valley Hops has released its Bine 3060 a small-scale hop harvester; for a mere $13K around 3 people can pick and sort between 30-60 hop bines per hour instead of   6 people toiling for an hour on 1 or 2 bines. Second, New Glarus Brewing Co is planting their own hop farm down at the brewery in New Glarus; they are just making way for the rhizomes this year so it'll be 2 or 3 years before you can have a New Glarus beer that uses New Glarus hops.

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  1. I like seeing all the new brewpubs opening up but we need a new (and good) one in Milwaukee!


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