Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ale Asylum, Six Point, and the Brewer's Star

Last week I mentioned in passing that the Ale Asylum logo and the Six Point logo looked awfully familiar. I certainly didn't mean to imply that any copying had been done, or that one was infringing the other. It was only to note that two people who had worked together had independently arrived at similar logos.
Well, imagine my surprise when one of the comments mentions a "six-pointed brewer's star". What the heck is a six-pointed brewer's star? I'd never heard of this. So, I started to doing some research with the intent to write a nice article about the historical oddity called the Brewer's Star.

But, I guess, some others already beat me to it. I'm not going to replicate what they've done, so you can read about the Brewers Star




In fact, I'm so clueless, but ex-Huber Brewer Hans Kestler came up with this super-nifty visual explanation of the Brewer's Star


  1. I love the fact that star emphasizes the concept of "Balance".

  2. I love the fact that Ale Asylums beers are a bit unbalanced to the hoppy side!

  3. Kirby, To be fair, it is a "balance" of fire, air, water, and earth - not hops and barley. But you're point is well-taken; maybe there should be a three-pointed "West Coast" brewer's star that only points left.

    Steve, they have that reputation, to be sure - and beers like Hopalicious and Ambergeddon certainly got them there. But I would argue that many of their beers are actually quite "balanced" including their trio of IPAs - even Satisfaction Jacksin/Bedlam/Ballistic.

  4. Ballistic is on of the better IPAs out there, I make sure to pick up a bunch when it comes out. Ballistic along with Illumination, Lupulin Maximus and Hopperboilc keep my fridge stocked with great hoppy Wisconsin beers.

    I really hope Ale Asylum brews some one-offs when they open up the new place, it's been awhile since I've something new of theirs.


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