Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's Time - Best Wisconsin Brewpub

I haven't had a chance to put together a 2011 Awards post yet. But, it is time to get voting started for Best Wisconsin Brewpub 2011. An annual tradition at Madison Beer Review, we ask you to vote for the best brewpub in the state.  (pssst. The poll is over there to the right)

You've been to them all haven't you?

Last year there were so many that stepped up their game, it's hard to pick. And there will be more opening up this year.

So, get your votes in. It's a leap year this year, so you have one extra day to vote. Voting closes at midnight on February 29th.


  1. I voted hinterland, with vintage as a close second.

  2. Grumpy Troll is missing... :(

  3. Grumpy Troll and Potosi both didn't make the list. Both were tough calls. I didn't want the list to get ridiculously long - it's 6 as it is. Also, I felt like each of those currently listed have had exceptional years as Brewpubs and were deserving of inclusion on the list.

  4. I've been to all of them except the Milwaukee Ale House. And I must say Red Eye is top notch! The food and brews can't be beat.....

  5. A tough call; I raise a pint to all, but I tip my cap to RedEye in Wausau. Folks outside of central Wisconsin don't know what a great place this is for both food and beer. Brewer Kevin has 4 excellent house beers (Bloom, Scarlet 7, Veruca Stout,and the fantastic IPA, Thrust) plus he cranks out amazing specialties and seasonals every two weeks or so (Charlatan Imperial Stout comes in mid-January!). To compliment your imbibing, Chef David prepares some extremely tasty dishes, from wood-fired pizzas, to fresh catch of the day, from ribs to wraps, paninis and an amazing burger. It is well worth a road trip for southern Wisconsin beer lovers to check out RedEye (and Bull Falls tap room less than a mile away!. Come up to Wausau and enjoy...cheers!


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