Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Press Release Tuesday - Imperial Stoutfest at Brasserie V

Sorry for the slow pace of posting. As I've mentioned, it's been crazy 'round Casa de MBR. I promise that I'll get back to posting more frequently. In the meantime, go to Brasserie V for an Imperial Stout.

--------------START PRESS RELEASE-------------------

Stop in Brasserie V this week for our Imperial Stout Fest starting Tuesday, the 1st.
We will be tapping four very rare, hard to find kegs of Imperial Stout (ok, one is a porter) all from Denmark, that will be a real treat for all you dark beer lovers.
We will be offering these as flights so you can try them all. Here is the lineup:

Amager HR Frederickson
Djævlebryg Gudeløs
Xbeeriment Blackforce
To Øl Black Ball Porter

We have also just added over 25 new beers to our 130+ hand-picked bottled beer list!!
There are some great new beers, and hard to find stuff from Belgium, Denmark, France, Norway, and more.
Check out some great new Lambics and Sours! See our website for the full list.


  1. Is this event related to this weekends madison beer fest/expo? Are other bars doing anything in cojunction with this event?

  2. Dear Person In Charge of Guerrilla Advertising for that event, please stop spamming this site. If you want to advertise on this site or would like more information about working with Madison Beer Review, please contact me directly.

    But to answer your question. No, that event is not related to your event.


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