Friday, November 11, 2011

On My Lack of Posting - Rediscovering Augustiner Maximator

Things have been relatively quiet around here recently. I'm hoping this changes in the near future. I've been debating whether to say anything, but I think some explanation might raise some interesting issues. But, first, thanks to Joe for finding time to write even with a new baby in the fold.

But on to the reason that I haven't been posting lately: I've been really bored with Wisconsin beer lately. I don't think I've bought a single six-pack of beer from a Wisconsin brewery in 5 months. Nothing new. Nothing exciting.

The best, by far, has been Potosi's new Witbier. And Kirby's Eternal Flame is a pretty awesome project.

But, by and large, Wisconsin beer has been really, really boring. And, you can tell me that you're too busy brewing your base brands. That demand is so high. Constrained production. Stretched too thin. Blah, blah, blah. I don't care. Boring.

So, what have I been drinking? Nothing. To be honest, I haven't been drinking a whole lot lately - beer or otherwise.

I've bought some bottles of Stillwater and Fantome that are sitting unopened. I bought some Surly Wet in Minnesota that was pretty delicious (good, not as good as I had been hoping it would be). I've had some bottles out of my cellar that I've been trying to get through (2008(9?) New Glarus Berliner Weisse - REALLY good; 2006 Two Brothers Heavy Handed was interesting).

Tonight, just for kicks, I pulled out a 2008 Augustiner Maximator, one of my favorite doppelbocks. Still one of the prettiest beers you can buy, the tawny body is below a dense tan head. The chocolate and roasted caramel aromas explode out of the bottle. A strong booziness mixes with the chocolate to create some amazingly complex plum, and earthy fruit-like aroma. Still dry as ever, the flavor is somewhat subdued and very drinkable. The cherry fruit comes out in the finish with a fine pucker, a slight bready maltiness holds up the body quite well.

After 3 years in the cellar this beer is still one of my favorites on the planet. Kirby doesn't make 'em this dry, which is unfortunate, because if he did, between Augustiner and Capital, I'd never drink anything else (OK, except maybe an occasional Double IPA or Arrogant Bastard).


  1. Only boring people get bored

  2. 6% Bud Light in a Cobalt bottle, sounds exciting! Something to look forward too, if your burnt out on the Craft beer scene. Out here in the boonies anything but Busch Light and your looked at as a freak.

  3. Nate Peck lead brewer Sand Creek breweryNovember 12, 2011 at 11:59 AM

    We have a black belgian barleywine coming out in December or is that to boring also?

  4. Sounds like its time for a new hobby or you need some medication for your beer-ADD.

    @Nate: That sounds interesting. I'm assuming 4-packs? Can you also brew some more your Ulrich's authentic Dopplebock or Oleator? Those were pretty tasty!

  5. Nate Peck lead brewer Sand Creek breweryNovember 13, 2011 at 1:53 PM

    Yes four packs, and nope one shot deals on those doppelbocks sorry. Though, knowing Todd and his love of doppelbocks we will have some incarnation of one at some point.

  6. Sometimes I fall into the trap of putting new releases on a pedestal and ignoring my old favorites. This fall I've kept up on a few new releases but I've really focused on some of my favorites from years past. Maybe that's boring for some but I've really come to appreciate some local brews in a new light.

    Case in point: Furthermore's Three Feet Deep. Now that the chill of fall is upon us I've really craved porters and stouts and Three Feet Deep was one of my favorites when I first tried it back when they first rolled it out. Despite this I don't believe I'd bought it the last two years as I was no doubt getting something new. So having a couple this Saturday while watching the hockey game was a revelation - I forgot how much I love this beer.

    My favorites of the last couple months: Lucette's Slow Hand Stout (I've been regularly filling up a growler at the Coffee Grounds in Eau Claire on work trips), West Bend Lithia Beer Regner's Red, New Glarus Black Top & Lake Louie Reserve Scotch Ale. Also, I had a Capital Kloster Weizen on tap at the Tap Haus this weekend and it brought back a ton of great memories.


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