Friday, October 14, 2011

Not-Madison Beer Review(s) - An Open Thread

A review of Dogfish Head's Pearl Jam celebration beer.

A review of Guinness Black Lager.

A review of Capital Eternal Flame.

A review of Fuller's Vintage Ale.

A review Westvleteren and St. Bernardus.

IPAs from People's and New Albanian.

Some interesting stuff. Sorry for the lack of posting lately but life gets in the way sometimes. Consider this an open thread.

What's new in the beer world folks?!

ps. Don't forget that you can win tickets to Kohler next weekend.


  1. "Dells on Tap" tomorrow should be a blast. They always get pretty cool glasses. Hopefully they make up for what looks like a down year in terms of attending breweries.

  2. A Historic Michigan Brewery is back...Frankenmuth Brewery brands rolled into Wisconsin this week. Check out the Frankenmuth Oktoberfest you can find it at and Woodman's West and Red Mouse in Pine Bluff

  3. Capital "Firefest" was a good time.

  4. I helped my friends brew up some stout on Saturday after the football game. It was a great time and I had a few Rhinelander shorties while the wort boiled.

  5. I've heard those Rhinelander shorties are pretty decent. The Rhinelander brand used to be owned by Minhas; thankfully, it's been rescued by some kind folks that actually live in Rhinelander (though the beer is still brewed in Monroe).


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