Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Capital Gets Its Man

While Carl Nolen still gets his shit figured out, Capital Brewery is quick to move on. Capital Brewery has named Tom Stitgen as its new General Manager. Mr. Stitgen is a CPA, paper pusher, bean counter, number cruncher, squint, etc. etc. He comes from a CPA firm and, according to the press release at least, has "experience in all areas of distribution based business from sales to back office operations." 

Tom has the ideal background to turn Capital Brewery into Capital Brewery, Gift Haus, and BierGarten and to implement the strategic goal to have each of these be a "profit center". 

Look, I don't run Capital. They didn't ask my opinion, but like most of you, I have an asshole, so I'm going to use it: Capital's problem isn't an accounting one. The problem at Capital Brewery is not that they aren't selling enough t-shirts and are losing money on the Gift ("Geschenk", thank you very much) Haus. 


  1. Tom best of luck with the new gig. Were rooting for you to succeed. Also congratulations to Kirby Nelson for his GABF awards. Once again Capital is one of the best breweries in the land.

  2. I should clarify my point a bit. I agree with the Anonymous person above - and congratulate Tom. My point was not to be a personal attack on him, or even on Capital.

    However, when I read "Tom has the idea background to implement our recent plan to create three separate profit centers - Brewing, Bier Garten and Gift Haus operations." I can't help but think that whoever created that "recent plan" missed the boat.

    It doesn't seem that Capital's problem is that there is no plan to properly account for the Gift Haus and Bier Garten. If Capital is not profitable it probably has more to do with marketing expenses and transportation expenses and raw materials than with t-shirts.

  3. Rumor has it that Capital is coming off it's most profitable year ever.

  4. Those are definitely not the rumors that I've heard.

  5. According to the Wisconsin State Journal Capital showed a profit of $188,000 and sales were up over the previous year by about 10%.


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