Friday, September 16, 2011

We Haven't Talked About Hops In A While I Guess

Joe is our resident hop expert, but I'm the resident hop lover.

I'd place this wager with Joe, or really against anyone: I will put my AA per beer ratio up against anyone, winner has to drink a Ruination and Ruud Awakening back-to-back.

I don't want to hear any crap about balance. Fuck balance. I want hops. Malt is for dopplebocks (which I also love). Don't give me this "ooo...this IPA is perfectly balanced with an emphasis on aroma hops and a backbone of amber malt." Screw that. I want to smell the hops the second the cap comes off the bottle. I want a huge white head foaming over the top. I want effervescence. I want enough bitterness to question whether you're drinking the most delicious lemonade ever made. I want a lip-licking, resinous, sticky, aftertaste of citrus fruit and pine.

Anyway. This is all to say that when I heard that Bill Rogers was having a Hop Week at The Malt House next week (September 18-24), my heart went all a pitter-patter. Here's a list of what you'll be able to drink at The Malt House:

Gaverhopke ExtraChouffe Houblon
Hommel Bier
Troubador Magma
De Ranke XX
Red Eye Black IPA
Central Waters Illumination
Potosi Tangerine IPA
Satisfaction Jacksin
Tyranena Hop Whore
Oppigårds Amarillo
Weyerbacher Simcoe DIPA
Wintercoat Double Hop
Bell's Oracle DIPA
Nøgne-Ø IPA
3 Floyd's Arctic Panzer Wolf
3 Floyd's Dreadnaught
Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale

Not a bad list at all. The ExtraChouffe, Magma, and Oppigards are particularly intriguing and I haven't a Dreadnaught in a while. So, I will be hanging out at Malt House most of next week. In fact, on September 19, Malt House will have Wisconsin hop experts Gorst Valley Hops out to talk alpha acid with you:
Celebrate the hops harvest with Gorst Valley Hops and help kick off Hops Week September 19 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Malt House! Sip an awesome selection of some of the hoppiest beers around, chat with GVH hops experts, sample hops "tea," pick a pack of hops to take home (one per guest, please, while supplies last), and test your hops knowledge in our trivia contest to earn a chance to score some GVH bling. The Malt House is located at 2609 E. Washington Ave.
Wisconsin, thanks to Gorst Valley, is revitalizing its hop industry. Indeed, Wisconsin was a hop-growing region well before Washington and Oregon. Gorst Valley does this by purchasing hops from its growers, providing a processing service, and selling the hops directly to brewers. In this regard, Gorst Valley is encouraging and subsidizing (to some extent) farmers throughout (mostly Southern) Wisconsin to grow hop varieties that are in demand: primarily Cascade, but other varietals as well. As a result over the last few years hop acreage in Wisconsin has grown tremendously; of course, it doesn't come anywhere close to the hop farms of Washington and Oregon.

Brewers like Furthermore and Central Waters and Tyranena are using Gorst Valley hops in their own brews.

So, I hope you'll join me in celebrating the hop harvest at The Malt House. I'll even let you buy me that Ruination when you lose the bet.


  1. This is awesome. I'll be in Madison next week on business and was planning to go to the Malt House Monday night to see a friend's band anyways. The idea of getting Dreadnaught, Oracle, etc. makes it all the better.

  2. I also prefer unbalanced hoppy beers, but you'd beat me hands-down at average IBU consumption. My beer intake is all over the map. Anyway, why does almost every brewery in the Midwest advertise the balance of their IPA as though they're the only brewery in the world to come up with such a novel approach?

  3. Anybody can have a hops week. I'll be impressed when The Malt House does a gruit beer week. ;)

    Does this mean that there will be no hop-heavy beers on tap all week?

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