Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Second Hand Knowledge

In the blog universe, I suppose, this is a bit like "So, I heard from my friend's mom's uncle ..." But some information from The "Beer Me" Blog from MSNBC:

  • Budweiser, down 30% to 18,000,000 barrels
  • Milwaukee's Best Light, down 34% to 1,300,000 barrels
  • Miller Genuine Draft, down 51% to 1,800,000 barrels
  • Old Milwaukee, down 52% to 525,000 barrels
  • Milwaukee's Best, down 53% to 925,000 barrels
  • Bud Select, down 60% to 925,000 barrels
  • Michelob Light, down 64% to 525,000 barrels
  • Michelob, down 72% to 175,000 barrels
What I find most interesting is this: New Glarus' Spotted Cows sales for the state of Wisconsin is almost 50% of Michelob. Almost. Stan Hieronymous has some more information about this: "Anheuser-Busch sold 8 million barrels of Michelob in 1980 ... It took A-B only eight days in 1980 to sell as much Michelob as it sold in all of 2010."

Frankly, I'm amazed A-B sold 925,000 barrels of Bud Select. I've never seen anyone intentionally order that beer when it wasn't free.

Finally, MGD is 1/10th the sales of Budweiser. Who knew?

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  1. Hey Jeff - love the blog, but you may want to provide some context to the percent decreases. I originally assumed it was a 1 year drop (since there was no mention of time period) but I clicked through to the original article and it is over a 5 year period. Still big drops, but it helps to have some understanding of when this happened.


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