Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pre-Great Taste 2011 #13 - Cleaning Up the Kitchen

I'm a big fan of Underground Kitchen and O'So, so this pairing is one of my favorites for Friday night. Unfortunately since the Kitchen is ... well ... not open - the event is at my favorite steak place in Madison - The Tornado Room.

The following is from Hastings, the Bar Manager for Underground Kitchen:

We'll be pouring the following in the Corral Room below the Tornado from 8:30-1:30am:
Three permutations of bourbon barrel night train that will cycle throughout the night:

bourbon barrel Night Train
bourbon barrel Night Train w/ cocoa nibs
bourbon barrel Night Train w/ coffee
brandy barrel Dank w/ brettanomyces
Goldilock's Revenge, brandy barrel imperial stout
Lupulin Maximus
Hop Whoopin'
Picnic Ants
Rusty Red
We'll have a spread of food out, and will be selling tickets for $4 that attendees will exchange for one pour--pints for about 1/2 of the beers, goblets for the scarcer, higher ABV stuff. We may also do a beer cocktail, built around Hop Whoopin'. 

Ticket stubs will be entered into a raffle we'll run every hour or so for Underground Meats charcuterie, O'So gear, etc.

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