Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pre-Great Taste 2011 #12 - This Should Be The Last of It

Gray's Tied House (950 Kimball Ln, Verona, West Side): We will be running a special one of our specialty beers Bourbon Brown Stout along with an old favorite, Rock Hard Red at $2.50 a pint. We will have on tap our Golden Light, Honey Ale, Busted Knuckle Irish Ale, Rathskeller Amber, IPA, Bully Porter, 56 Oatmeal Stout - as well as the Bourbon Brown we also have another specialty beer right now that was brewed in house in Verona - Bearded Brown Ale. Our first shuttle bus leaves at noon and will run on a loop all day. Free bus rides of course. [ed note: leaves from where?]

THE LIVERY @ Mason Lounge: Old Cedar Firkin

LAGUNITAS @ COOPERS TAVERN: IPA, Hop Stoopid, Pils, Infusion 6, Lucky 13, TBA

FOUNDERS @ GLASS NICKEL: Dirty Bastard, Centennial IPA, Red's Rye PA, Blushing Monk, Cashew Brown, KBS, Nemis, Devil Dancer, Curmudgeon,

NEW HOLLAND AND DARK HORSE @ TIPSY COW: Cask: NH - Madhatter DH - ROD - NH Taps - Saison Cocoa, Beehive, Dragons Milk, Full Circle, DH Taps - Red Hot Shocker, Smells Like Weed IPA, Kolsh, Rasberry Ale

NEBRASKA BREWIN CO. @ BRICK HOUSE BBQ: Barrel Aged Hop God, Smoked Porter, Nebraska Blond, Infinite Wit, EOS Wheat, Brunette Brown, IPA, Cardinal Pale Ale, Hop God, Summertime Rye

SHELTON BROS @ BRASSERIE V: Struise Elliot Brew, Slaapmutske Dry Hopped Lager, Mikkeller Draft Bear, DeMolen Cease & Desist (rasputin), Mahrs Saphir Weiss, Nogne O Imperial Brown, Cantillion Foufounne De Struise Mikkeller Elliot Brew - Double IPA; De Struise Ignis et Flamma - Belgian IPA; Cantillon Fou' Foune - Apricot Lambic; De Molen Cease & Desist - Russian Imperial Stout; Mahr's Saphir Weiss - Hefeweizen; Mikkeller Koppi Coffe IPA - IPA; Agullons Bruno Pale Ale - Pale Ale from Spain; Slaapmutske Dry Hopped Lager - Czech Pilsener

JOLLY PUMPKIN @ JORDANS BIG TEN PUB: Oro de Calabaza, Bam Bier, Bam Noire (2009 cases)

HINTERLAND AND DAVE’S BREWFARM @ OLD FASHIONED: Hinterland: Firkin: Dry Hopped Firkin, IPA, Cherry Wheat, Luna Stout, BREWFARM - Matacabras, TBA

SAND CREEK @ DRACKENBERGS: Port Aged Double Oscars Stout, Bourbon Barrel Aged Scottish Ale, Wild Ride with Mangos, English style Special Ale

Vintage Brewing Co.: One more update for you! Vintage will be running the prison bus between the downtown location and the brewery, with a stop at Walgreens on the Capitol Square Friday night as well. The shuttle will start running at 6:00pm from the VBC- specific shuttle times will be posted on the website. (I can send you an update as well when we figure out what the times will be!)


  1. Mr.Editor.
    Please include FURTHERMORE BEER in the TIPSY COW event. (Friday the 12th, 5pm-->). "Party crashers" might help our street cred, but we are in fact billed as one of three brewers for the event.

  2. If the distinguished Mr. Madden would so kindly bring his attention to the following: 1) Furthermore is included on the official guide as being at The Tipsy Cow (; 2)this list is a list of taps from Specialty Beverage's brands (of which Furthermore is not one); 3) I sent an email to the distinguished brewer over two weeks ago looking for confirmation of Furthermore's existence at said event and received no response.

    Aran, of course, knows that I'm just joking around with him. I'm perhaps one of his biggest fans.

    So, yeah, everyone, go out to Tipsy Cow tonight and slap Aran on the back of the head for me.


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