Monday, July 18, 2011

Pre-Great Taste 2011 #3 - A Leak

So I got an email from an ... unnamed ... source leaking the full list of beer that will be available during the Pre-Great Taste and at the Taste from just ONE brewery (the names of beer and the brewery will be withheld to protect the leak) - any guesses? Those paying attention to MBR should be able to guess:

[Ed Note: Sorry for the confusion; thanks for the clarification, Scotty]

Friday Night At Bar #1, "Currently available on tap"
4.75% abv, 1.045 OG, 16 IBU's
Light, crisp German Kolsch.  In a world gone mad...behold!  "Normal" beer flavor.
4.7% abv, 1.044 OG, 11 IBU's
Belgian Wit, mild citrus and spice, soft as fluffy clouds on a summer day.
English Ale
5.7% abv, 1.050 OG, 34 IBU's
English Summer Ale, classic golden ale with lively hop presence
5.4% abv, 1,048 OG, 29 IBU's
German "Schwarzbier" black lager, smooth with subtle roasty undertones
5.5% abv, 1.050 OG  14 IBU's
Bavarian Hefeweizen, wheat beer with distinctive and delicious fruity character.
Oatmeal Stout
6.0% abv, 1.065 OG, 30 IBU's
Hearty and full-bodied oatmeal stout.  Judged "Best of the Midwest" at US Beer Tasting Championships.
5.4% abv, 1.056 OG, 8 IBU's
Rare Finnish farmhouse ale, rustic rye ale spiced with juniper- surprisingly refreshing!
6.5% abv, 1.062 OG, 65 IBU's
Our unique hybrid IPA, brewed with English/US ingredients and 2 types of oak.  A must try!
Belgian Dark
7.0% abv, 1.072 OG, 32 IBU's
Belgian-style specialty dark ale, complex, engaging, worthy of savoring.
6.1% abv, 1.050 OG, 24 IBU's
Inspired farmhouse ale made with hibiscus flower petals; crisp, dry, champagne-like, pink!
6.0% abv, 1.056 OG, 25 IBU's
Classic malty amber festival-style lager.  Judged "National Grand Champion" at US Beer Tasting Championships.
Friday Night At Bar #2 "Archived beers- only available at GTMW!"
6.7% abv, 1.065 OG, 45 IBU's
Hopped-up American red ale, malts-o-plenty and 6 types of hops.  Archived since 4-15-11!
Bock 1
6.9% abv, 1.064 OG, 28 IBU's
Maibock-style strong golden lager with a crisp noble hop bite.  Archived since 7-1-11!
Black IIPA
8.2% abv, 1.075 OG, 100+ IBU's
Imperial Black IPA, massive PacNW hop punch balanced with shadowy shades of dark malt.
Belgian Pale
5.8% abv, 1.052 OG, 30 IBU's
Belgian Pale Ale, hopped exclusively with lemony Sorachi Ace variety.  Archived since 3-21-11!
American Pale Ale
6.4% abv, 1.061 OG, 44 IBU's
Well-rounded American Pale Ale with bright hoppy character.  Certain to be archived by GTMW.
5.6% abv, 1.057 OG, 13 IBU's
Peat-smoked Scottish ale brewed with wheat; distinctive Islay whiskey finish.  Certain to be archived by GTMW.
5.5% abv, 1.055 OG, 18 IBU's
Robust Bavarian-style dark wheat ale, with shades of banana, clove, chocolate, vanilla.  Archived since?
Irish Red
5.1% abv, 1.049 OG, 19 IBU's
Irish-style red with exceptionally smooth character.  Never bitter, always ready to party.  Archived since?
4.7% abv, 1.054 OG, 20 IBU's
Flavorful Bavarian rye beer with earthy, spicy malt flavors.  Our winter seasonal- Archived since 3-10-11!!
Bock 2
6.9% abv, 1.067 OG, 23 IBU's
Dunkles bock lager with an awesome depth of malt flavors.  Our "hunting season" beer.  Archived since 1-27-11!
5.4% abv, 1.056 OG, 43 IBU's
Dusseldorf-style Altbier, throwback German amber ale with refined character.  Certain to be archived by GTMW.
Bourbon Barrel-aged Stout
est 11% abv
Russian Imperial Stout, aged 6+ months in bourbon barrel, a marvel of strength and complexity.  Only on tap here!
Small-volume timed limited releases:
1:23 pm  RauchWeizenbock...8.1% abv  Smooth, subtle smoky notes.  Aged 8 months!
2:22 pm  Rye-whiskey barrel aged Abbey Dubbel...est 10.5% abv.  6+ months in barrel- wow!
3:21 pm  Wee Heavy...8.2% abv.  Scotch ale, sweet decadent satisfaction, archived since 5-30-11
4:32 pm  Apple Brandy Barrel aged Abbey Dubbel...est 10.5% abv.  6+ months in barrel- wowx2!
Casks in the real ale tent:
"Finnegan's Wakeboard (part 2)"- Irish Red with Northdown dry hops.  Approx abv 5.2%
"The Schwarz Will Rise Again"- Schwarzbier with "Confederate Coffee" aka chicory.  Approx abv 5.4%
"Hopped Up Girl"- ESB with Goldings dry hops.  Approx abv 5.7%


  1. Is it August Schell brewery of New Ulm, MN?

  2. No, its VINTAGE brewery, on the west side of madison.

  3. Yeah, the hibiscus saison and summer farmhouse sahti are a dead giveaway for the Vintage. I've had both over the last couple weeks and they're delicious.

    Schwarzbier with chicory? Sign me up! And Derby Girl with extra dry hops doesn't sound too bad either.

  4. Hey it's Spartan boy, where exactly is Vintage?
    Car is in the shop for a bit, just wondering if the bus goes by there. Sounds like they offer up the most variety in Madison. Hope it's good, we've hit the Dane and Ale Asylum. Also on the list is Gray's and Granite City. I am looking for something to tied me over til the Hopslam comes out again.

  5. Sparty--To satisfy your hop craving, try the double IPA at the Hilldale Dane--a mighty fine effort by Don the brewer. Bottle-wise, Tyranena's Bitter Woman, Scurvey (with a bit or orange), and Hop Whore (if you can find it) will get you through to Hopslam season. Want interesting brews? Check out Malt House, Dexter's and Alchemy, all on the east side. Well-worth the trips and they each offer fantastic selections. Save yourself the "trouble" and skip Granite City; trust this Badger. Cheers.

  6. I'll second the Hilldale Dane's double IPA. Good stuff!

  7. Hi MBR, To clarify, you got leaked our Vintage pouring list for the GTMW festival on Saturday, not our Friday night plans. We have bigger and better things planned for those who venture out to the wetsside to see us Great Taste Eve! And we'll have our Prison Bus running between downtown Vintage, capital square, and the brewery free of charge all night. I've got barrel-aged surprises and archived beer NOT on the Saturday list for Friday art the brewery. Plus, we just know how to party- just sayin'.

  8. Great to hear! The prison bus will surely help us east-siders who would otherwise be stuck to our chairs @ the Maduro or Malt House party down with Madison Beer.


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