Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grrrr...Open Thread: Coffee Beer

So, I had a great review planned for today about Lake Louie's Mosquito Beach. I got the article completely written, got out the perfect glassware, then realized I didn't actually have a Mosquito Beach. I could have sworn I had one; must have had that the other night ...

While I track down another sixer of Mosquito Beach, why don't we talk about your Favorite Coffee Beer.

My favorite coffee beer is Furthermore's Oscura. Sorry everyone, but I'm not a big stout fan. Interestingly, Oscura is also a California Common/Steam Beer/Vapor Beer (as is Mosquito Beach). It is one of the few coffee beers that is not a stout or porter and I think Aran Madden did a fantastic job of finding that right balance between coffee and beer.

What's your favorite coffee beer?



  1. I'm with you on Oscura, even if you remove the coffee qualifier. It would probably be my desert island beer regardless of the type of desert.

  2. Redhook Double Black Coffee Stout. Haven't had it in years..don't even know if they still make it. I really liked Oscura..had a bad sixer that kind of put me off it though. I am a fan of non-stout coffee I've had was a homebrewed version.

  3. Central Waters Brewhouse Coffee Stout. Drinks lighter than a typical coffee stout, with all the flavor you'd want.

    Of course, the barrel-aged version, Peruvian Morning, is world-class tasty.

  4. Surly Coffee Bender

  5. Oscura is my favorite summer beer by a lot. I'm with Eric on Central Waters' coffee offerings as well. Some good coffee beer being made locally.

  6. Great Divide (Denver) Oak Aged Espresso Yeti. I swear you could throw anything into that stout and it would be an amazing beer...

  7. Mmmmmm coffee. I'm with Jeff not being a huge coffee w/porter or stout fan. They are good, but it's really tough to have them in...August for example. Of those available I do really like the CW brewhouse stout and the Peruvian Morning.

    Anon: I'm with you on the Surly Coffee Bender - love it year round. Had it on tap in Chicago once and now I try to always have a couple of cans in the fridge.

    While I haven't had it yet, Mikeller Koffi is patiently sitting in my fridge. It intrigued me since it's a coffee IPA - they claim to be the first to commercially produce one. I have homebrewed a couple batches of a coffee ipa based on an english ipa/esb recipe - it turned out pretty well, so I'm very curious about the Mikeller. Anyone had it???

    It's morning now so I'm having plain coffee. Cheers!

  8. Nothing like the taste of coffee in a brew to get you going before noon! CW Peruvian is a fine beer, as is the always-excellent Gr. Divide Oak-Aged Espresso Yeti--wow! My top choice, however, is a toss-up between Founders Breakfast Stout and their KBS. Both are rich, hearty brews with nice chocolate and coffee flavors. If you need an extra "kick" with your coffee, the oak bourbon barrel aging in the KBS will certainly satisfy you. Cheers to eye-opening brews!

  9. Bells and Founders both make some wonderful coffee beers. I can't believe how great they are. When you go to their tasting tap rooms and they're fresh, they absolutely the best. Being a native of Michigan, and a Spartan, we love our craft beers and football.

    Are there any local craft brewery's making coffee beers? This Furthermore brew, can I go to the brewery and try it on tap?

  10. I also like the Central Waters Peruvian Morning, Furthermore Oscura, and Surly Bender.
    My fav would have to be Founders, not Kentucky, but rather Canadian Breakfast Stout. Probably the only beer I will always wait in line for at the Great Taste. Yummy.

  11. CW Peruvian Morning is A1 in my book, also Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout. I like my coffee with bourbon.


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