Friday, June 10, 2011

Wausau Field Trip - A Photo Journal

O'so Brewing Company, Plover, WI

Handbuilt Keg Washer

The Walk-In Cooler/Bright Tank Storage

Ever see a mashtun jacked up on cinder blocks?

The fermenter just fits into the brewery

Red Eye Brewing Co., Wausau, WI. The big slant-y thing on the roof is the solar panels.

Head brewer Kevin Eichelberger is a big cyclist. Can you tell?

Cart Ride to Mexico - Maibock

RedEy3 - Scarlet 7 Dubbel Aged in Oak with Brettanomyces

Bull Falls Brewery, Wausau, WI. A keg-only distribution brewery.

Oatmeal Stout Aged for 45 days in Jack Daniels Barrels; served on nitrogen

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  1. So Jeff, what was your favorite beer from each of the three breweries?


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