Thursday, June 2, 2011

Text of Branch Legislation - aka Motion 414

Motion 414


  1. Thanks MBR for posting this. Looking forward to sifting thru the text and attempting to discern what we really stand to lose as fans of small WI breweries.
    Any insight on Motion 414 you could help to consolidate for the layman, as to the potential ramifications to our favorite local brewers and how they'll have to adjust, would be appreciated

  2. I'm going to digest this over the weekend and will hopefully have an analysis on Monday.

  3. I do not understand how this could do anything but hurt Wisconsin. We are gaining popularity right now for brewery and microbrewery tourism, and maybe some day in the future it could be on par with the winery tours that bring business to California.

    I might be confused, but the wording makes it seem like anyone trying to start a microbrewery in the future, as many restaurant/bar owners have done, are out of luck if this passes.

  4. From my first read of this over a beer last night: The only thing explicit, that I see, is that the current system of brewery 'self-distribution' would be thrown out, and wholesalers(distributors) would have a number of new regulations to follow.

    It does 'provide' for the creation of new regulations for Brewery registration. On the later pages the ammendment 'provides' for the creation of regulations allowing breweries to self-distribute, sell at the brewery, run a restaurant and tap room, sample beer, etc... What it doesn't allow for is the creation of a brewery 'owned' distributorship (a couple of breweries could currently get together and distribute their products within the state).

    Seems like this fixes a problem that doesn't exist and is quite vague in how to deal with the aftermath of eliminating brewer-wholesaler dual licensing.


  5. MBR protest meet up at wisconsin wave?


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