Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some Things To Think About

While we're all just sitting around, shooting the shit, waiting for Budget stuff to resolve itself here's some good conversation fodder for that awkward silence:

Apple bans DUI Checkpoint Apps from App Store. Man, how much controversy can jam into one topic, eh? On one side: warning people where are checkpoints are allows them to avoid them. On the other side: If people know there is a checkpoint on the way home, they may not drink and drive. And at least two bonus arguments: 1) DUI Checkpoints are fundamentally flawed/unconstitutional; and, 2) Apple is caving to The Man and censoring its users, Steve Jobs would be so disappointed in ... ummm ... Steve Jobs.

MillerCoors Wants Everyone To Agree With Them. Somewhat related to Motion 414 and the CARE Act, MillerCoors released a "memo" on the "Three-Tier Doctrine" - as if this is somehow just the way it's "supposed to be", like gravity, or hydrodynamics, or Justin Bieber. Just for the record, Anheuser-Busch and Two Brothers might disagree.

What's the difference between a "Contract Brewer" and a "Gypsy Brewer" and why do hate the former and glorify the latter? Stillwater and Mikkeller are in the "we love 'em" category with The Great Taste of the Midwest firmly in the "hate 'em" category ("contract brewers" are banned from the Great Taste). Is contract brewing inherently flawed? Should we not discount a brewer just a little bit for not brewing in his own stainless?

Is BeerSmith the Best homebrew software or is it the Greatest? A free plug for my homies at BeerSmith - great, intuitive, software that is essential for the MBR brew day.

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  1. Happen to see the book review in the Sunday State Journal? Titled 'Tavern League- Portrait of Wisconsin Watering Holes'or something, and exactly zero images of craft beer, as tap handles, signage, bottles behind glass, etc, but an abundance of Miller/Coors imagery represented in the Sunday piece. more timely Miller propaganda in coffe-table-book format?

    also, book's author didn't bother to include a single tavern from Wisconsin's second largest city, Madison. Hmm.


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