Thursday, June 23, 2011

A More Partisan Plea For Pity

Late Yesterday the State Journal reported that a group of 15 Democrats have sent their own letter to the Governor requesting that he veto the legislation formerly known as Motion 414.

This has become an interesting issue in that nobody seems to have any clue what Governor Walker will do. Ostensibly, he has two choices: veto, or not veto. But there's quite a bit of subtext under each decision.

If he vetoes it, he will be directly snubbing some of his largest donors (MillerCoors, etc.). On the other hand, if he vetoes it he could score a rare public image win at a critical time with the pending recall elections of his own party and his own soon-to-be-pending recall.

If Governor Walker does not veto it, he would be indicating to his state that the best way to get his attention is to pay up; Wisconsin is not really "Open for Business" but "Up for Sale". On the other hand, he and his henchmen don't seem to have a problem with this. Money is money. And if the last few state election cycles have proven anything it's that "money wins". If Governor Walker wants to become anything other than ex-Governor Walker he's going to need as much money as he can get.

But by crossing out this hastily passed, poorly written, non-negotiated, impactful legislation he would indicate that we have at least a passing belief in the Democratic system. That our small businesses are just as important as our big businesses [ed note: MillerCoors is not actually a Wisconsin company anymore - it moved to Chicago a few years back though it does still have some breweries/employees here]. Finally, by vetoing it he would indicate that he's not entirely deaf to the pleas of his legislators and citizenry.


  1. Walker snub one of his campaign's biggest donors? That's never going to happen, he'll sign the bill and just shake down MillerCoors for more donations when his recall comes up, not to mention national donors from out of state.

  2. I think our previous Gov Doyle was a big supporter of Miller/Coors and Distributors. Oh by the way he was a democrat. The issue here is not democrat/republican but big entrenched business vs. small up and coming. The beer distributors give to both parties amble campaign contributions, so they are always listened too.

  3. Anon 2. I agree totally. In fact, I'm not sure it helps to have a "democrat only" letter here. So far this has been a relatively bi-partisan effort (both for and against), so to try to politicize it - or even appearance of that - I think takes away from the universality of the argument.

    I'm sure Miller/Coors also gives to both parties - but the point is Walker has consistently demonstrated that he cares more about his donors than about his citizens. This would be a good opportunity for him to buck that trend.


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