Monday, May 23, 2011

Notes From the Field: An Introduction

This is a part of a series of articles written by a correspondent from outside of Wisconsin. I thought this might be of interest, so I solicited the article. Of course, the articles deal with my own hometown of Cleveland, Ohio - I know, you're shocked - but there are two reasons for my commission of these articles.

The first reason is obvious - this was a great opportunity for a first look at a big beer event in another Midwestern city - within easy travel distance for those inclined to make the trip or for some ungodly reason find themselves in Cleveland, Ohio. First year festivals can be a mixed bag and a first-year festival on the scale attempted in Cleveland (the I-X Center is over 1 million square feet and includes an indoor ferris wheel) doesn't happen frequently. For the record, I'm happy to review/edit/publish any articles that a reader may want to submit about events going on in the Midwest or around the world.

The second reason is to present some non-Wisconsin views about beer, and the second article in this series, coming on Friday, will look specifically at how a fledgling craft beer state like Ohio can or should use the more-developed beer scene in Wisconsin as a model.

Finally, the contributor himself, Jeff Walcoff, is a well-respected writer in his own right. He is, as it also turns out, singly responsible for converting me to craft beer with a well-timed pour of Dogfish Head's 120 Minute IPA. He knows more about the diversity of styles and flavor nuances than almost anyone else I know. Oh, I should probably disclose that he is also my step-brother. So, look for his articles this coming Wednesday and Friday; let him know what you think about the event and about Wisconsin's brewing scene.

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  1. For the record, I have visited Cleveland many times and have NEVER had a bad finding yourself in Cleveland does not have to be so un-godly! :)

    I will say that as a native Ohioan, every time I do return home I am struck at the lack of a great local beer scene, particularly true when I visit friends in Cincinnati...with its long brewing history. Walk into a bar and ask for any local beer and it's difficult to find one. So I'm looking forward to reading the articles.


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