Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Madison Craft Beer Week Success

Thank you to everyone and anyone that came out and helped to support Madison Craft Beer Week. We worked hard to bring you a good week of events and, from all reactions, it appeared as if you enjoyed them. If you were at the Cask Ale Night you were treated to a surprise: MBR writers Jeff, Robyn, Matt, and Joe poured you beer along with special guest Aran Madden of Furthermore Beer.

Post in the comments which events you went to and what you thought - I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Finally, this week could not have happened without our Sponsors - please thank them with your support:

Frank Beer
Specialty Beverage
General Beverage
River City Distributors
Wisconsin Distributors
The Malt House
New Glarus Brewing Company
The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
The Great Dane Pub

Brasserie V
The Old Fashioned
Dexter's Pub
Beer Connoisseur Magazine
The Isthmus
Sustainable Times

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  1. We came to Madison (two hours away) for the Thursday evening cask ale fest at High Noon (and the added treat of the free "big beer" samples at the Brass Rail!). While the rain could've held off, this was a fine event with a small but tasty selection of cask ales. On Friday, we ventured to Dexter's for their "Hell's Bells" extravaganza, and then off to Glass Nickel to enjoy Great Lakes and Founder's brews. A special "cheers" to Glass Nickel for free pizza featuring various sausages soaked in a variety of beers (do a little PR, though--let people know what sausages featured what beers). What a thoughtful, tasty treat that was! The Beer Week booklet was informative and handy (nice size) and the website was also helpful. We tip our caps to those who worked hard to organize the event and to the venues which participated. A very cool idea; wish we could've spent the week in Madtown! Cheers, and way to go! Madison and its beer fans are quite lucky.


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