Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What You Should Read

This is just a few of my favorite "new" beer blogs.

The first is called BeerGeekUSA and it's written right here in Madison, Wisconsin by UW chemical engineering student Victoria. Yay! Another beer writer in Madison! There are not nearly enough girl beer writers in the universe. Craft beer, somewhat surprisingly (to me) has more female drinkers than you might think. Unless you're a girl. Then you probably think there are quite a few girl beer drinkers who simply get drowned out by moron boys yelling loudly at each other about silly things like IBU and Cascadian Dark Ales and any number of other stupid "debates" that have raged. This is an overlooked and under-marketed class of consumers that can and will become a powerful force in the growth of the industry. That she's a Chem-E student makes her musings that much more intelligent than mine. Hmmm...maybe I should hire her and eliminate the competition.

The second is another female "blogger" who "writes" a "blog" called Pints and Panels. I met "M" (Emily) at Great American Beer Fest last year; she was a blast and definitely has a different take on beer and blogging. For one, she doesn't write so much as draw her blog. She's a cartooning student. Cartoons! And Beer! And Girls! Come on, it doesn't get much cooler than that. For two, she has, what I find very refreshing and often missing in beer writing (including myself), this great ability to completely ignore hype. In a four-panel comic she manages to do what girls have this innate ability to do and what guys, like me, can't seem to do for the life of us: be concise and manage to find exactly the right, most-efficient, way to provide intelligent commentary in a fun and amusing way. Me? I prefer to circumlocute and equivocate and find the most esoteric polysyllabic, multi-clause, rambling, indirect way to almost, but not quite, make a point in a manner that causes you bring into question my very competence at constructing an intelligible sentence. You will surely prefer her way of doing things.

Finally, a dude blogger from Illinois who probably has too many credentials to be properly called a "blogger" - he writes for Beer Connoisseur and other fancy-pants magazines about beer. And gets paid for it! (I say, partly, in jest since I, myself have appeared in fancy-pants magazines and on TV and radio to talk about beer - that's right Mr. Connelly, I AM a multi-media threat; you should be very, very afraid for your job. Punk.) Anyway. For whatever reason, I've just stumbled upon his blog, though, I actually think I had found this blog a while ago, and somehow unsubscribed by accident, forgotten about it, and then just "rediscovered" it a few weeks back and think it's awesome. Anyway. The Beer Philosopher. Read it.

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