Friday, April 29, 2011

Madison Craft Beer Week Starts Today

Hey everybody! Today is the official start of Madison Craft Beer Week.* We've been on the TV, we've been in the paper, we've been on Twitter and Facebook. Heck, we even have a commercial on YouTube:

There's over 100 events stretched out over a week for you to choose from. Keep an eye out around town for the Madison Craft Beer Week Field Guides that will help guide you through the week. Of course, you can just download the guide to your phone, too.

We (Robyn, Bill, and I) have spent a lot of time putting this together. We are eternally grateful to our sponsors. We are amazed at the reaction that we've received for this inaugural edition of Madison Craft Beer Week and we, literally, can't wait to get started on planning next year's. Seriously. We need more lead time for planning this stuff.

Please enjoy the week responsibly. Jump in a cab, grab a bus, call a friend, walk - whatever you have to do to avoid driving. The last thing we need is for someone to get a DUI or someone gets hurt. So, please, don't drink and drive. If you're a dude, the general rule is 3 in a two hour time frame. If you're a girl, two max in a two-hour time frame.

But most of all, have fun! Post back about the events and with any comments you might have. I'll try to be out taking pictures and talking with folks. Feel free to come up and say hi.

** There was a pre-party event last night at Drackenberg's that was awesome that you probably missed. You should have checked the website ;)


  1. Jeff,
    I noticed some discrepancies between the printed "field guide" and the events listed on the mad beer week web site. Specifically, all the events at the Malt House are one day off (Sunday in the guide is Monday on the web site, etc.). I'm wondering which is correct? Specifically, I want to go to the bells special tapping and need to know if I should show up Monday or Tuesday!

  2. Website is the most current and correct information. Any discrepancies should be resolved in favor of the website, which means believe the website over the field guide. Plus, there are more events on the website than in the field guide. Apologies for any confusion!


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