Thursday, January 13, 2011

Press Release Thursday: Distill America

It's that time again. Distill America: A Celebration of American Distilling. This awesome event is put on the Madison Malt Society at the Edgewater. While it sounds strange to say a "Liquor Fest" it's very similar in format to a beer fest (with proportionately smaller pours, obviously). The difference is the access to distillers and folks in the industry who can tell you everything you want to know about the liquor of choice. Interested in what distinguishes Ri from Booker's? Taste 'em side by side and ask the distiller. Perhaps your drink of choice is apple, pear, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, or gooseberry brandy; you can try any of those. Want to know the perfect vodka for a killer bloody mary? There's approximately 1 million vodkas to sample. Distillers from all over the country are reprensented. It's a fun evening. Responsibility and safety are strongly emphasized and encouraged. So, stop in to one of the retailers selling tickets and pick some up - it's a great time and a great event.

MBR will have much more coverage as the event gets closer, but get your tickets now!

------------START PRESS RELEASE-----------

Hello folks,

It is that time of year again. Tickets are currently on sale for Distill America: A Celebration of American Distilling brought to you by the Madison Malt Society. You may have noticed the slight change in our name. We felt the need to make it a bit catchier for people to remember but rest assured the event is the same good time gathering of many of the best distillers the USA has to offer.

This year’s event will be held again at the Edgewater Hotel. It will be held on Thursday February 17th, 2011. Tasting will take place from 7pm until 10pm unless you decide to buy a VIP ticket which gets you in at 6:15pm for a more one on one experience with the distillers.

Tickets this year are available at Star Liquor, Barriques on Monroe, Barriques in Middleton, Barriques in Fitchburg, The Malt House, and Merchant in the Madison area.

They are also available at Great Lakes Distillery in Milwaukee and North Shore Distillery in the Chicagoland area.

The list of distillers scheduled to attend can be found at

Photos from past events can be seen at

This year includes many of the legends of distilling that have attended in years past as well as many new and exciting craft distillers. Every year new distilleries are popping up all over the country making new and exciting products. This year as always many of these new distillers will be showcasing their wares at this tasting.

Of course Wisconsin’s own distillers will take center stage again this year with Death’s Door, Yahara Bay, Great Lakes, Old Sugar Factory, Aeppeltreow, and 45th Parallel.

There will be an array of food at the event but patrons are advised that coming on a full stomach is a good idea.

This event benefits WORT Community Radio.

Union Cab will provide discounted cab rides home the night of the event to discourage attendees from driving.

Event sponsors include: Star Liquor, Union Cab, the Isthmus, and Lakeside Press

If you have any questions about this event email: or call Adam at Star Liquor at (608)255-8041.

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