Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Madison Craft Beer Week Update

OK everyone; I first mentioned this back in December, but I thought I'd give you an update on Madison Craft Beer Week happening from April 29 through May 8. If those dates sound familiar, it's because Great Taste of the Midwest Tickets will likely be going on-sale on the 8th.

As a reminder, Madison Beer Review and The Malt House are coordinating activities for a week of beer celebration in and around Madison. It will be epic.

The first new thing you'll notice is that totally rad logo there on the left. The logo was designed by Gage Mitchell Design, and you will be, hopefully, seeing it everywhere. We'll be getting posters and materials out to bars and restaurants soon. The website,, is getting closer to done and will be getting the full bling in due course.

The events and activities are slowly starting to come together and it will feature at least 1 if not 2 beer fests, music events, a number of tastings, beer dinners, educational events, and the opportunity to walk away with some sweet swag. One of the more unique things that we are trying this year will be around Friday Night Fish Fry - with craft beer and participating breweries going on tap at your favorite Fish Fry holes around town. We know you'd rather be eating fish, so we'll bring the beer to you.

The details are still very much in the works. But we are starting to hear real excitement from breweries that want to participate and stores, restaurants, bars, and clubs that want to hold events.
*****If you are a brewery, retailer, restaurant, tavern, or pub or you're just interested in being involved, please get a hold of us. You can email me (Jeff) directly at and I'll be happy to send you everything you need to know about Madison Craft Beer Week.****

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