Friday, December 10, 2010

Update: Wisconsin v North Dakota

On Wednesday we talked a bit about drunk driving rates between North Dakota and Wisconsin and proposed some reasons why, in 2008 when the last set of data was available, Wisconsin had higher rates of DUI than North Dakota despite similar "bar v. grocery store" numbers. Well, apparently, the new numbers are out and North Dakota has caught up. Indeed, the entire Upper Midwest has the highest rates, while the Midwest in general is all above average.

What differentiates the Upper Midwest in particular from the rest of the country? Well, I hate to say it, but do you see the East Coast there? Where it's almost entirely blue (meaning below average)? Yeah, they have trains there so people don't have to drink and drive. Just my own little opinion there.


  1. "they have trains there so people don't have to drink and drive."

    Yeah, I'm sure that's it. After all, their trains are so bad ass on the east coast that they can pick you up at the bar AND drop you off at home!

  2. In Boston, its less than 5 blocks to get to a station from just about anywhere. there's not even a need for a taxi.

  3. The biggest problem with the "T" is that it stops running before bar time forcing you to take a cab if you close down a bar. At least that was case as of Summer 2008 when I was there last.


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