Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 in Review - Top 10 Posts of 2010

Let's look at the Top 10 Posts of 2010, determined by your comments:

10 and 9. We had a bunch of posts that tied for number of comments: Happy 25th Sprecher, A Post on Beer While Traveling, Vintage Brewer Scott Manning Asks What You Want To Drink This Summer, We Discuss Point's Whole Hog Series.

8. I ask what you are drinking, and you responded.

7. MBR reviews The Cooper's Tavern.

6. A review of Pearl Street's Dankenstein IIPA draws quite a few comments.

5. Brennan's sells a "Spotted Cow" cheese and I ask if that's trademark infringement.

4. A trip to Milwaukee's Sugar Maple, was not so sweet.

3. Another trademark discussion, about Walter's Beer and Northwoods Brewing Company's attempt to revive what may, or may not, be a "dead brand".

2. A discussion about how many times one needs to visit a place before writing a review about it. (aka, MBR dumps on Vintage Brewing Company).

And the Number 1 post this year for comments: Stone Brewing Company announces that they are leaving Wisconsin.

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  1. My two cents on Coopers- while the beer list is great, the service is, frankly, embarrassing and they've lost my business because of it. The first time I went, I nearly had to tackle a waitress after about 20 minutes to see if anyone was going to come to our table. Her response: "Yeah." Then she walked away and didn't come back for at least ten more minutes. There were approximately nine other people in the place at the time, most of whom were sitting at the bar.

    The last time I went (and I mean last), we ordered samples of all of the holiday-related beers. When the waitress brought them out, she had no idea which was which and neither did the bartenders (nor did they bother to re-pour or do some taste testing to figure it out). The Crispin Cider smelled like glue and tasted off and both she and manager argued that it was fine and made us pay for it, in addition to the beer that was brought to replace it. I'm guessing they're still selling that cider.

    Overall, I think they started off fairly strong with the food and beer, but the quality of both has gone down ever since. And they might want to rethink their training program.


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