Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Writers for MBR

Again, I apologize. This has been weird posting week here at MBR. Hopefully that will be changing soon as I have another very exciting announcement to make.

MBR is getting more writers! So, please put your hands together for Joe Walts and Robyn Klinge.

You already know Joe. He's a professional brewer currently working at Madison's Ale Asylum; he's also worked at JT Whitneys (in Madison), Otter Creek (in Vermont), and Fox River Brewing Company. You got to know him on MBR from his days trying to start up RePublic Brewpub. That project got so far as to have a space reserved out in Sun Prairie before falling apart due to lack of funding. Joe is also a regular commenter on MBR. Because of his position at Ale Asylum, Joe won't be writing about the industry, but, rather, will be bringing his knowledge of brewing to you in some technical pieces on homebrewing and commercial brewing. Brewing is partly science and partly art and few people understand and have a love for the science of it better than Joe. So, dig out the chemistry and biology books, track down a turkey fryer and 7 gallon carboy, and come along for the ride.

You probably already know Robyn, too. If you've had a beer in the city of Madison, there is a very good chance it was served to you by Robyn. At one point she could spotted in Ale Asylum, The Mason, and Vintage Brewing. Interestingly, she brings a background much like my own - working in IT (or at least for an IT company) before dumping it for bigger, better, less lucrative work in a more interesting field. Few people get along with more people in the industry than Robyn - it is impossible not to like her and spill your guts to her. And she will drink circles around you. She also travels. A lot. To really cool, interesting, beer-related places for beer-related reasons. [ed note: no, you pervert, I did not say "she gets around"] She'll bring a great voice to Madison Beer Review and her travel experiences will open up MBR to the bigger world of beer around us.

So, please welcome both of them.


  1. Awesome! Welcome Joe and Robyn!


  2. Two highly qualified people to be writing on all things craft beer. I look forward to what they have to write.


  3. Also- cat's out of the bag! Robyn was Joe's business partner while trying to start RePublic- you may know her better as "Jane." ~Robyn


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