Monday, November 1, 2010

Audience Participation: What Are You Drinking?

I have to admit, I've been a very bad beer blogger lately. Not only have my posts been sporadic and inconsistent, they've had little do actually do with beer. Part of the reason is that work is consuming more of my life than I'm consuming beer. And I had a ridiculous cold.

Frankly, I haven't been drinking much beer lately. Bought a six pack of Louie's Reserve (OK, I lied, in the interest of full disclosure, I was actually given a six-pack of Louie's Reserve, courtesy of Star Liquor when I went in and bought 3 cases of beer to donate to the Olbrich Crackle event for their drawing). I had a couple of beers at The Malt House the other day (Red Eye Scarlet 7 and Goose Island Minx). I went to the Furthermore Shitty Barn Party (Hopperbolic, mostly, with a few of the guest brews thrown in) and Mrs. MBR bought a six-pack of Fallen Apple and Guinness. And, that, for the most part, has been the extent of my beer drinking for the better part of a month. Relatively boring.

Except for the Minx and the Hopperbolic everything is pretty standard stuff. The Minx was actually really good and sparked an interesting discussion about Goose Island - the brewery that everyone wants to hate, but their beer is just too damned tasty.

So, what have you been drinking? Feel free to just post a brief note - don't need to provide commentary, if you don't want. I'm curious. What are you drinking?


  1. my friends and I are drinking a ton of different beers. I started a posterous blog so we can take photos and upload and share with each other.. most are coming from Eddies over in Sun Prairie .. :)

  2. Steve, anything particularly good or interesting that you've been drinking?

    I've heard great things about Eddies.

  3. We just came out with Summit Brewing Unchained Series Batch #5. Brewer Nate Siats brewed up a delicious Imperial Pumpkin Porter. At just under 10% abv it is a perfect porter for the season. Unlike a Pumpkin Ale, this beer has some serious niche appeal being a porter...and a big one at that. Its is full-bodied and choclately with beautiful head retention and lacing. Has a great sprice balance and just the right amount of pumpkin. It will be available in Madison shortly! Keep your eyes peeled!

  4. And yes I have tried it...I got to pull some right from the tank. Fantastic

  5. I'm drinking a Russian River Blind Pig right now. And it is delicious.

  6. Here's what's in the cooler:

    -New Glarus Stone Soup
    -New Holland Imperial Hatter IPA
    -William's Sir Perry (British pear cider), this was kind of a disappointment.
    -Tyranena Brewery Rocky's Revenge (Bourbon Barrel Stout for the masses)
    -New Glarus Ichabod Pumpkin Ale
    -Recently went up to Fountain City north of Lacrosse and got a growler of the Fountain City Brewing Company Prairie Moon Red.

  7. Just got back from a weekend in Madison (Freaky, yes). Enjoyed the stout at Ale Asylum, Founder's Nemesis at Alchemy, Three Floyd's Arctic Panzer Wolf at Dexter's (pricey!), and picked up the crazy He'Brew Jewbelation 14 from Star Liquor. Just about to crack open a Southern Tier Oak-Aged IPA...Cheers!

  8. Damn. Might have to hit up Alchemy soon. When I was last at Dexter's the taplist didn't have the FFF on it, just had a Dark Horse Rod.

  9. Being early November it's all Celebration Ale all the time. Buying it by the 12 pack these days since my wife loves it as well.

  10. Let's see. Last beers consumed...Bell's Hell Hath No Fury; Lagunitas Little Sumpin Sumpin; Pearl St Pale; Upland Helios Pale; NG Two Women Lager; Dales Pale Ale; LL Kiss the Lips; Central Water Imperial Stout(from 5+yrs ago); High Life; Hoperbolic; Stonefly Porter; Metropolitan Koelsch. Tastes have included: Southern Tier Pumpking; Dogfish Punkin; Ayinger Oktoberfest; Capital Ofest; Dogfish Raison D'extra; New Holland Charcoota Rye and probably others that I don't remember...And wine....

    TheloniousZen-How is The Monarch Tavern doing? I used to live just down the street; and drank a lot of the FountainBrew. I think it's still all brewed by Viking(new name for them???) up in Dallas. The only real 'Fountain City' recipe is the FountainBrew - the others are relabeled Viking beers (heard that from the owner).

    I'm looking forward to a bottle of Surly Darkness to share with my brother at Thanksgiving - should be....big.


  11. Last night I finished off the two remaining Tyranena Scurvy IPAs sitting in the back of the fridge, which nicely complemented the spicy arrabbiata sauce I made up over the weekend.

    Friday night I had a pair of Kiss the Lips before the hockey game and a Guinness afterward. I came across a sixer of Keweenaw Widowmaker Black Ale on Saturday so that became my Halloween beverage for the night. I also had a pair of NG Abts on Sunday afternoon.


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