Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MBR Logo Wins Award

A few months back I asked Gage Mitchell of Gage Mitchell Design if he wouldn't mind designing a new logo for MBR. I was unsure what to do with this logo: shirts and hats were an obvious choice, but I just kind of sat on it for a while because I was too lazy to update the site graphics. Well, turns out the design was so awesome that the folks at I Heart Logos voted it into the first I Heart Logos design competition book of winners.

So, what should we do with it? It's already up on the site. T-shirts? Hats? Hoodies? Pint glasses? It would be pretty cool etched into the bottom of a pint glass, no?

Thanks Gage! Your design is awesome. You can see more of Gage's beer-ish-related work here (World of Beer Festival logo) and here (Luxe Bohemian Cafe and Bar in Charlotte, NC).


  1. "Winner of what? How close you can get to "average"? Is that really a goal? Let's see how average we can be? You want to be the most average beer blog in the US? You want to brew the most "average" design in a category? Congratulations", These quotes were lifted from your blog regarding Beer festivals, I felt they were appropriate here where your bragging some award won.

  2. touche.

    Though - to be fair, the logo was not being objectively judged against arbitrary and moving standards; just people voting their subjective opinion. Which is very definitely NOT how beer competitions work. So, not really a great comparison.

    Nonetheless. Point taken.


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