Friday, October 15, 2010

Beer Arts and Crafts - Brewing Beer in a Coffee Maker Edition

Yes. Brew beer in a coffee maker (thanks BoingBoing). I am SO trying this at home.

The concept is rather simple: you're trapped on an oceanographic research vessel and you need a beer. All you have on hand is a coffee maker, some filters, a few jars, rubberbands, handkerchiefs, and whatever the vessel kitchen has on-hand. How do you make beer with that?

Perfect beer is meticulously planned and carefully crafted.

Screw that.

You’re six days into a 2 month expedition, and if you were lucky enough to not be on a dry ship, it’s de facto dry by now anyway. You’re eying the ethanol stores, the crew is eying each other, and all hell will break loose if y’all don’t get some sweet water soon. This is no time for artistry.
The tools you need are simple: an electric drip coffee maker with hot plate, a coffee filter, 2 1-liter glass sample jars with air-tight lids, 2 handkerchiefs, 2 rubber bands, and a source of clean (preferably R/O) water.
However, in keeping with the maritime theme of this recipe, seaweed should be your bittering agent of choice. Both bladderwort and sargassum have been used effectively to make very tasty beer.
If you try, post here how it goes.

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