Monday, September 27, 2010

Press Release Monday: Viking No Longer Viking, But Rather A Different Viking Is Now Viking

Rumors of the death of Viking Brewing Company in Dallas, WI [ed note: ,] are greatly overrated. Turns out there is a name change coming.

[Ed note: from my mother (I kid you not): "Just because I'm an English teacher and have to prove I do read your beer review articles: In the first sentence - any time a city and state/city and country appear in the middle of a sentence, the state or country needs to be followed by a comma (Madison, Wisconsin, and ---, Iceland,) AND since this sentence uses "need" as a verb and not a noun that can own something, no 's" So, I corrected mine, I wonder if Ann will correct hers in light of the English lesson. By the way, if you want a proofreader, just send my mom an email...sheesh.]

------START PRESS RELEASE--------------
For Immediate Release
Contact: Ann Lee
Viking Brewing Company

Dallas, WI: After sixteen years, the Viking Brewing Company of Dallas, Wisconsin need’s to find a new name. Recently, the brewery sold its U.S. Trademarked name “Viking” to the Viking Brewery - Vifilfell Ltd. of Akureyri, Iceland who wanted to import its Viking beer into this the U.S. Randy Lee, owner of Viking Brewing Co. USA had this to say, “We’ve been in negotiations with Viking, Iceland for some time now, and we finally reached terms that we can both live with. It’s going to be difficult to come up with a new name because we’ve been Vikings for so long that we just don’t know how else to behave, but I guess, now we will have to become civilized.”

Well, apparently Viking, USA is not in any real hurry to become “civilized”. They plan to mark the occasion by having the World’s Longest Brat and an actual Viking funeral at this year’s Dallas Oktoberfest on Saturday, October 2. The Dallas Oktoberfest holds the record for the longest brat set in 2009 at 101 feet long. This year’s brat, also made by Louie’s Finer Meats of Cumberland, will be even longer. To cook the brat, Ryan Lentz, the owner of Clicker’s Restaurant and Bar, had to build a special grill. “Oh, we’re not going to just beat our last record by a little bit. We’re going to shatter it to pieces! We’re going to have a brat that’s 125 feet long,” said Ryan. “It’s going to take a lot of charcoal, Hanson and Young Auctioneers are donating that, and it is going to take a lot of hands to turn the brat, but we’re going to have a lot of volunteers that day. This is history in the making so get there early if you want to see the long brat being cooked at 10am.”

The charcoal in the grill isn’t the only thing that will be blazing at the Oktoberfest. The brewery is going to have a Viking funeral. “That’s right; we are going to Torch a Viking ship. Many of us have gotten pretty attached to the name ‘Viking’ through the years. A Viking funeral will be a good way for everyone to have closure so we will be able to start anew,” said Ann Lee, owner of Viking, USA. “We haven’t chosen a new name for the brewery yet, we are still searching for that right one. If fact, I am going to set suggestion boxes out at the Oktoberfest to Name that Brewery.”

The day begins with the Dallas-Sioux Creek Joint Fire Department’s Annual All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Breakfast from 7- 9:30am at the Fire Hall. Prices are $6 for adults, $3 ages 6-11 old and children ages 5 and under eat for free. Proceeds will be used to upgrade the Fire Department’s equipment.

From 9am-5pm, there will be an Arts and Crafts Fair. Many local crafters and artisans will have booths set up in the park to sell their products. Vendors are still welcome to sign-up. No vendor’s fee; just donate an item worth $15 or more to the silent auction. Call Nicole at 715-837-1412.

The Mark Rausch Memorial Car Show will take place on a side street near the fire hall from 10am-5pm. There is no entry fee and each entry will receive 1 Free Drink & Sandwich Ticket. A Best of Show Trophy and a People's Choice Trophy will be presented during the raffle drawing at 3:00. Call Ryan at 715-837-1416.

An Antique Tractor Show will take place on a side street near the fire hall from 10am-5pm. There is also no fee to enter and each entry will receive 1 Free Drink & Sandwich Ticket. Best of Show Trophy sponsored by Balts Scrap and Demolition will be presented during the raffle drawing. Call Doug Balts at 715-837-1667.

At 11:00 at the Park, a Kubb Tournament for the Viking Cup begins. Kubb was a yard game played by the Vikings. Tournaments are held in Europe and now in the U.S.A. Kubb teams will play to win the "Viking Cup" made by Losse Clay. For more information, contact Eric Anderson: or 715-830-0122

Also at 11:00, Clicker’s will serve the World’s Longest Brat made with Viking’s beer along and other great German foods. Viking Brewing Company will have 4 of their beers on tap and root beer floats made with their own JD’s Old Fashioned Root Beer. Live music will begin at 1pm with polka music and dancing featuring Lenore Berg and Her All German Band.

At Noon, the Dallas Fire Department is having a Fireman’s Water Ball contest in Clicker’s parking lot trophies sponsored by Allied Waste. And to make things even more interesting, the Fire Dept is having its Fall Gun Raffle drawing at 3pm in the fire hall. Prizes include 1st: Henry Golden Boy .22 Rifle, 2nd: .17 Cal HMR Stainless Barrel Thumb Hole Stock , 3rd: Rem 870 12 Ga 3" Mag Camo Stock Turkey Gun, 4th: Bear Carving by "The Bear Guys", 5th. Turtle Carving by "The Bear Guys", 6th & 7th: $25 Clicker's Gift Certificate.
Other happenings in town include brewery tours of Viking Brewing Co. from Noon – 2 PM. Come and see how Viking brews its beers; A Silent Auction from 10:00- 3:30 on main street; the Viking funeral will be at 5 o’clock at the park and Morris Dancers performances around to throughout the day. After glow by the Royal Clark Band from Beaver Dam, WI at Clickers.What could possibly make this event even better? You can buy a Dallas Oktoberfest mug for $6 (while supplies last) and have the first mug of Viking beer or root beer FREE (refills only $1). Remember to come to Dallas on October 2nd for a really great time! Oh yeah, watch for the occasional cannon blast at the park. The Dallas Oktoberfest will be held rain or shine. To see photos from past Dallas Oktoberfest, go to: Dallas is located between Ridgeland and Chetek on Barron County A. From Chetek, take county I west, continuing on A into town. From Menomonie, take 25 north 2 miles past Ridgeland turning east on county A into town.
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  1. Are these guys located near OSO and Pearl Street?
    I used to be a big Ale Ayslum fan, but got swept away by Dankstein and HopDinger. The Viking funeral sounds surreal, but cool. How many piggies went into that brat?

  2. Dallas is North of Eau Claire in the North West corner of the state. You do know that O'so (Plover/Stevens Point) and Pearl Street (LaCrosse) are over 2 hours from each other right? Dallas is about 3 hours due North of LaCrosse.

    And, if you mean philosophically? I'm not sure Viking has anything as hoppy as say the Hopdinger or Dankenstein. But neither O'So nor Pearl Street make a Hot Chocolate Stout.

  3. My Dad wants a Viking funeral, but I don't think it's legal to do that with people in the pyre.

    As to the Viking Brewery (iceland) - I had their beers during a layover in Rekyavik. Nothing all that impressive, but it was nearly 10yrs ago so maybe they've improved and expanded their selections. They were higher gravity lagers with unimpressive complexity and a slight sourness (if my memory serves).

    I really want to enjoy the Viking (Wisco) beers, but have been let down too many times. at festivals and on tap they've been pretty good, but anytime I buy them they seem 'off' so they're no longer in my regular rotation of purchases.


  4. This Oktoberfest is amazing. They do a great job, especially in a town of under 400 people. A lot of things going on. Check out kubb at:

  5. Like David, I, too, wanted to like Viking, but have been burned way too often by bad beer from them--sour, infected, "off..." call it what you like, but several times I have had bad bottles and bad taps. I've given them several "passes" and tried again, but the beer is either shipped, stored or brewed badly. I even wrote them to notify them of the problem(s), but never received a reply. I'm done--way too many great beers in the Badger state to put up with a poor product.


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