Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Links!

Links to some interesting beer stuff:

Ancient brewers tapped antibiotic secrets
: Apparently some ancient populations used beer to make antibiotics.
Heavy Drinkers Outlive Nondrinkers: Moderate drinking is best, but apparently even people who drink in excess live longer than those who abstain.
Octoberfests Out Early: This is a few days old now, but I agree with the author of this piece; doesn't it seem like all the Octoberfest beers are out a little too early this year? (Though I'm not sure why he posted the beginning of Tristram Shandy at the end of his post.)

Have a good holiday weekend everybody!


  1. Last year many weren't avail until mid-sept. I'm glad to see them around Labor fact it feels a bit like Oktoberfest outside right now!!! Prosit!

  2. We have released ours August 1st for many years. It was a response to the German Octoberfests flooding the market with their offerings in early August. And it has worked out very well for us. Plus our seasonals are a quarterly thing and we have also learned that come November beer with Octoberfest on the label begins to fade in terms of consumer interest. Octoberfest is a very successful beer for us so the mentioned considerations have driven our seasonal release schedule. Meaning Mai Bock is done before May (although we have run that one a bit longer in recent years).

  3. Thank you for the thorough explanation Kirby. I can see how doing quarterly seasonals would make sense. I think that over the past couple of years more and more breweries have followed suit and have started releasing their Octoberfests in August as well.
    And you're right David, this weekend has been good weather for a full flavored lager!


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