Friday, August 6, 2010

Pre-Great Taste Party #8

OK, three last things as the updates are slowing to a trickle.

King and Mane - New Holland - the new name for the old "Local", King and Mane, just around the corner from Maduro (Bells) and Old Fashioned (everything!) is slightly more upscale-ish these days. Which is a good fit for New Holland, if you ask nicely, I'd be willing to bet the reps might have some of the gin or "hopquila" hidden somewhere. In the meantime, enjoy the 87,000 versions of the Mad Hatter. Check in throughout the evening as the rumors are that a cask might be tapped at some point.

Old Fashioned - Red Eye - in a class with very few others, Red Eye is, like Hansel, so hot right now. The beer birdies tell me that a very special Red Eye will be tapped, for its world premier, at Old Fashioned on Friday night - the scuttlebutt is that Brewmaster Kevin Eichelberger will be introducing a Double IPA.

Finally, we'll have a complete summary on Monday of everything. But remember, I and Kevin Revolinkski will be on The Dan Potacke show at The Frequency at 6:30pm on Monday Night to kick off your week of beer.

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  1. Red Eye will release an imperial red ale.



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