Friday, July 30, 2010

To Whet Your Appetite

My moles inside the Great Taste have scavenged up some goodies for you and I'll be leaking them out over the next few weeks as I get them. OK, it's not the war memo on Afghanistan or the deluge of BP, but the are probably more interesting!!

First to leak is Goose like some Bourbon County Stout? How about VANILLA Bourbon County Stout?
Hourly tappings:
Spooky (Black Imperial IPA)
Scully (White Pepper Strawberry Saison)
BCBVS (Bourbon County Brand Vanilla Stout)
Pepe Strano (Sour Ale brewed w/ Black Pepper)
King Henry Barrel Aged (Barley Wine)

Regulars on-tap will be Sofie (Belgian Farmhouse), Matilda (Belgian Pale Ale), Pere Jacques (Belgian Abbey), and Green Line (American Pale)

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