Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pre-Great Taste Party #5

The list of breweries just keeps on coming in!! Sometime next week I'll gather all of these emails into one, comprehensive email that lists all of the events, transportation information, and other goodies about getting around in Madison (if you happen to be visiting).

The Haze - Lagunitas - 5-6 taps of hoppy Lagunitas beer. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Madison. Seriously, the pulled pork here is amazing and it happens to go very, very well with hoppy IPAs. So, grab some dinner, enjoy one of the the California hopsicles and get your evening started right. (location: Downtown)

Dexter's Pub - Pearl Street Brewery - The gang at Pearl Street will be here to say hello and you'll have a wide assortment of 7 different selections of wonderfully bold Pearl Street beer to choose from. Dexter's to Malt House to Alchemy (or vice versa) is a great, easy stumble ... er ... walk. And you'll get Pearl Street, O'So, and Upland. That's a pretty good night if you ask me. (location: East/Atwood)

I'm trying to follow-up with the folks that ran the shuttle last year to see if they are doing it again. So, if you know anything...ummm...let me know. In the meantime, Travis' bus idea - the #6 and a $4.50 all day pass is a very, very good idea.


  1. Oh. Almost forgot. Thanks commenter "Pete" for the Haze info!

  2. Hi MBR,
    The great people (and great beer!) of Furthermore Brewing will be joining us at Vintage Brewing Co. Friday night 8-13-10 for a GTMW pre-party. We'll be pouring their entire portfolio (and perhaps a surprise or two), with brewmaster Aran Madden on hand for the festivities. For those who don't know Furthermore, theirs are some of the most intriguing and best beers around: "Thermo Refur" sour ale brewed with red beets, "Knot Stock" pale ale brewed with cracked black pepper, "Oscura" coffee infused Mexican dark name but a few. We at Vintage are big fans and are very excited to share the stage.
    Brewer/partner Scott Manning (me!) of Vintage will be here, of course, with the usual wide array of Vintage Brewing Co. beers. Of note, 4 new offerings: "Derby Girl ESB", "Alpentraum" (Weizenbock w/ portion smoked malt), "TigerRye Amber", and the world debut of our new high gravity abbey "DeVille", the "cadillac of abbey ales".
    BTW we're also on the #6 bus line, at its western terminus, the West Transfer Point. We're just a short walk across the Walgreens/Applebees parking lot.
    AND also on Friday, we'll be running the Vintage Prison Bus between the Vintage downtown and Vintage Brewing Co on the westside...perhaps with an extra stop along the way. We haven't set the schedules or routes exactly yet.
    Sorry to continue the bombardment...thanks for your tireless efforts to keep beer lovers informed!

  3. Thanks Scott! Promoting to a full post here in a few minutes.


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