Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pre-Great Taste Party #4

Confirmation on Goose Island.

Goose Island will not be at Sardine's this year, but will be (unsurprisingly, I guess) at the new Chicago-based chain on the square "Francesca's al Lago".

And some updates:

Malt House - O'so Brewing Company - on tap: Hopdinger Picnic Ants Saison, Black Scotch, Dominator Dopplebock, Bourbon Barrel Night Train (!!!!), and Hop Whoppin' IPA

Drackenberg Cigar Bar - Potosi Brewing Company - on tap: Gandy Dancer Porter, Good Old Potosi, Belgian Wit, and Bourbon Barrel Scotch Ale.


some rumors about Founders at Brickhouse, but I haven't been able to confirm that.


  1. Still two weeks away, but these updates are sending this beer guy into a frenzy! Any word on possible shuttles this year to take revelers to a few of the Friday special release spots?? Can the two peddle-pubs in Milwaukee be shipped to Madison for an alternate way to travel?! Will the cask tent at the Fest be expanded again this year? Will there again be the popular beer/food pairing presentations? The countdown is officially on...

  2. A day pass for the Madison Metro Bus system is $4.50. Most, if not all parties should be on or near a bus route. Route 6 is your friend. Will take you from Brasserie V to Malt House and just about everywhere in between.

  3. Thank you for a helpful tip, Travis--the bus on Route 6 is the ticket! Be safe, everyone--no sense in messing up a great weekend!


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