Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pre-Great Taste #3 - The Hits Just Keep on Coming

Am I the only person old enough to remember Casey Kasem on America's Top 40? Does anyone even care about the American Top 40 anymore? Why 40? Why not 50?

Oh well.

Another Pre-Great Taste Event. Or, to use the nom-de-guerre suggested earlier "The Great Waste". All events are Friday Night August 13th, generally starting "after work"-ish.

The Cooper's Tavern - Summit Brewing Company - A number of Summit Brewing Company taps including a special cask-conditioned ale to be named later. Brewmaster Mark Stutrud will be on-hand for the festivities. (location: Downtown)

Natt Spil - Lake Louie Brewing Company - unknown if Brewer Tommy Porter will be there or what will be on tap, yet. But Natt Spil has some great wood-fired pizza. (location: Downtown) (thanks commenter tylerlawman)

Maduro - Bells - according to commenter "tylerlawman" Bells is confirmed for 25 taps.


  1. No problem, Jeff. its really going to be a fun night downtown. I just hope I can exercise some restraint in my tasting. ;)

  2. I also hear that Bells is celebrating their 25th year of brewing at the Great Taste. They will have a whole tent all to themselves and will have 25 beers on tap at The Great Taste.


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