Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Brew: Capital Weizen Doppelbock

Today's New Brew isn't exactly a first-time debut into the market.  Last brewed in 2002, Capital brewmaster Kirby Nelson has resurrected his Weizen Doppelbock as the latest entry in the Capital Square Series of high-octane special-release beers.  Kirby has proven himself to be the Da Vinci of Doppelbocks, with his Blonde Doppelbock, Autumnal Fire, Imperial Doppelbock, and EisPhyre all among the best bockbiers made in America today.
The weizenbock is the platypus of the beer world.  Blending the bright fruity esters and spicy yeastiness of Bavarian weissbier with the rich caramel maltiness and high proof of the venerable doppelbock, weizenbocks are banana bread in a glass, but retain good drinkability, even in warm summer months.

Capital Weizen Doppelbock

Style: Weizenbock
Vitals: 8.0% abv; courtesy of The Isthmus' Robin Shepard: Liberty hops; Bavarian hefeweiss yeast; wheat and Munich malts
Company line: "A boosted version of all the personality quirks that make the Bavarian Weizen style unique and beloved."
My take: pours a dark, murky amber with ample white, soapy head that fades quickly.  Aroma exudes clove and banana schnapps.  Liquid banana bread in the mouth with complex notes of chocolate-covered peanuts, soft caramels, and spice.  Finish is mostly dry with a lingering spice note.  Mouthfeel is dense, yet smooth.
Kirby said his inspiration for this beer was Schneider Aventinusthe first weizenbock I ever had, and arguably the benchmark for the style.  He's reaching in the right direction and his doppelbock chops definitely shine through.  Ultimately, this one lacks the depth and harmony of flavor of the German classic, but it remains a supremely drinkable, highly interesting beer that combines the richness of a winter brew, with the thirst-quenching character of a summer brew.


  1. Thanks for what I consider a very good review of this beer. And yes, it was Aventinus inspired but we did not try to clone this beer. I wanted it to be representing our take on a WZ Doppelbock and am very pleased with the result.

  2. Yum. I'm going to have to give this a try. The more German style beers Capital makes, the better.

  3. I recently had this on tap again (after having it at the brewery last month) and it is good.

    Thank Kirby - I was glad to see the Kloster W back at the beer garden too!


  4. Kirby rocks! He has been making wonderfull beers going on 25 years at Capital Garten Brau. Some of these young cocky upstarts could learn a thing or two from the master brewmaster! Flavor, taste and drinkability are components of a great brew, not just high alcohol or high grassy, catty bitterness. Being back to the area, I look forward to getting some. This beer looks like it would cellar well?

  5. Kirby again has done a fine job with a hearty, tasty brew. I, too, am glad to see the Klosterweizen back--a damn tasty summer brew! Cheers to another summer in the Garten!

  6. Us young upstarts could learn a lot from Kirby if he'd give us jobs :).


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