Thursday, June 17, 2010

Press Release Thursday: Summer of Sour Beer at Grumpy Troll

More sour beers this summer from Brewmaster extraordinaire Mark Duchow:

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A Sour Summer

Currently on special we have Grumpy Cherry lambic. This will be followed by Grumpy Peach, and then Sour Stein, a traditional stein beer made with hot rocks, fermented out in an old bourbon barrel where it was inoculated with lactosbacillus and let to rest for 9 months. After kegging we let it age in our in-house cave for another several months. Finally, ending our sour summer will be Sour Ginger which was inoculated with lactosbacillus and aged for a year.

Coming Soon

Sunshine, a Belgian double with a brett blend at 20%. (Brettanomyces is a non-spore forming genus of yeast, and is often colloquially referred to as "Brett". Belgian Lambic beers owe their unique flavour profiles to brett.) This is a fruity beer of banana, sweet pear, and apple with an o.g. of 15 degrees plato. It was brewed with 100% Weyermann Munich and fermented with a Belgian golden ale yeast. The brett blend was from a belgian golden ale brewed last year. The brett was added and fermented inside an old bourbon barrel for 6 months. Sunshine was brewed in honor of our solar panels. The beer will be on tap most likely within the next three weeks. For more info on our solar brewing see the links below.

2nd Annual Grumpy Troll Challenge

The Grumpy Troll Challenge is a collaboration between MHBTG and the Grumpy Troll in which three home brews are chosen and brewed at the Grumpy Troll. The best of these beers will be chosen by our customers over a months time in a side by side taste test. The challengers are Nevin McCoun with Breakfast Brown, Charles "C.J." Hall brewing Samurai Sunryes Sasion, and Kyle Deiubla's Cali Brown. These beers will be on tap in August.

Micro Brews and Solar Panels

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