Monday, June 28, 2010

MBR! New! And Improved!

It's been entirely too long in coming, but Madison Beer Review will be welcoming two quasi-new regular contributors.

You know Matt Lange as one of the voices of Beer Talk Today. Matt brings a great knowledge of beer and some work in the industry to Madison Beer Review. He has written on music and beer and actually knows a thing or two about journalism. He brings far more legitimacy to MBR than I probably deserve. So, welcome, Matt!

Travis Reinke has been a regular commenter on Madison Beer Review since almost the beginning of this site. He's been actively involved in the Madison beer scene (read: drinking copiously) and brings an excitement that I can only describe as infectious. So, welcome, Travis!

Between the three of us, I'm hoping that we can manage at least three posts a week. And, the two of them should bring some alternative perspectives on the industry that are definitely welcome. We'll be bringing better coverage of the Wisconsin beer scene and will hopefully be more on top of events before they occur.

Great things! Thanks a lot and keep the comments coming.


  1. Is the radio show still on the radio? If I remember correctly it was on WORT? I am moving here from Iowa and I get stations mixed up. I am looking forward to going to a beer dinner once we get settled in. My partner and I appreciate Madison's open lifestyle and beer culture. Remember three is better then one. Good luck boys!

  2. Beer Talk Today is no longer on the radio (it had been on WSUM, the student radio of UW-Madison). While the podcast isn't necessarily dead, it will be produced much more sporadically.

    Welcome to Madison and enjoy the beer!


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