Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Press Release Tuesday - New Glarus Enigma

I'm pretty sure at this point that Dan Carey is only brewing this unplugged series for me. Bohemian Lager, Berliner Weisse, Old English Porter, Imperial Saison, and now Enigma.

The '06 (I think) Enigma was one of the first New Glarus beers I'd ever had. I was amazed by it (in fact still have a bottle or two floating around), but others I have spoken to were less impressed. Personally, I'll be buying a case of this stuff.

--------------------START PRESS RELEASE---------------------

New Glarus Brewing Company's Enigma.
New Glarus, WI
May 10th, 2010:
New Glarus Brewing Company's Daniel Carey (Diploma Master Brewer) loves to play with flavor in unexpected ways. Due to this drive, New Glarus Brewing Company's offerings of over 50 different brews since their inception in 1993 are extremely broad and varied. There are few breweries, if any, that can make such a claim. Often, the brews that are created don't fit into the nice, neat categories that the majority of brews in the world are known by. Daniel Carey continues to defy descriptions with his latest Unplugged brew, Enigma.

Historically sour beers are often ignored and misunderstood. Daniel Carey, however, has "always been drawn to this style, as long as I can remember". The sour brown ales from Belgium rank in his top favorite brews. To play to his love of this style, he has taken this brewing method and made it his own. The result of this exclusive experiment leaves all fans of New Glarus Brewing Company with a truly unique beer. Not really a sour brown ale, not really a fruit beer. Truly an Enigma.

Beer writer Stephen Beaumont's innocent inquiry to Deborah Carey as to the description of this brew's flavors is how this beer acquired it's name. Since that time, Enigma has received medals in both the 2003 Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup in 2004. Originally released in 2003, Enigma is making a return to shelves throughout Wisconsin, despite the fact that New Glarus Brewing Company makes no promises to brew any of their Unplugged beers again. The comeback this spring of Enigma is entirely due to overwhelming demand by New Glarus Brewing Company fans in the vote for this year's line up in the fall of 2009. (If there is a New Glarus brew that you are hoping will be brewed next year, be sure to check www.newglarusbrewing.com in the fall for the vote for next year's brewing schedule.)

A complex and intriguing original. The mystery began with wild yeast spontaneously fermenting a rich treasure of malted barley and cherries. Unlined Oak casks breathe deep vanilla hues and chords of smoke into this sour brown ale. Master Brewer, Daniel Carey, has forged a smooth garnet tapestry that defies description. Wander off the beaten path.


  1. Love. This. Beer. I had it when it first came out and was all "meh" about it. But Andrew (Whole Foods' beer buyer then, now at Steve's) brought some aged Enigma to one of our Shitty Barn Parties. Best beer I had that night ;)

  2. Mr MBR - I still have the bottle you brought over for the tasting; I suppose you could have it back.
    I first had Enigma on tap at the Great Taste in 2003 - it was an eye-opener (and wrecked my taste of anything else that day). I'm looking forward to having some more.
    Hey Chris - Thermo is tasting amazing right now! I like it even more than last years; interesting how it's developed over the time since release and I have big expectations that it'll be great for (many)years.

  3. Thanks, David! For 2010, we pulled the black malt out, ramped up the red beet content and let it finish fermenting before we bottled ;) It is developing nicely.

    Oh, and if Mr. MBR doesn't want his bottle of Enigma back, feel free to send it to Spring Green ;)

  4. Agree on the Thermo - Had it on tap at Dexter's and it's much brighter this time around. I dig it.

    Pumped about Enigma, too. Dan knows his way around a cherry.

  5. This just in,,,I was over at the Grumpy Troll, and according to the sign on their wall, their sour based brew "Ned Flanders" took the highest score at the BTI. That's quite the accomplishment for a little brewpub in Mt. Horeb. We were heading back from a morel mushroom picking out near Blue Mounds and stopped in. Haven't been there in a while, but found their brews to be quite tasty. thanks Bob


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