Monday, April 12, 2010

If This Is Light Beer ...

Yeah, yeah. Lame. But it is funny. And, it comes courtesy of email shenanigans from Brewmaster Kirby Nelson of Capital. A point that I find instructive given the recent release, and media onslaught, of Supper Club.

The media onslaught includes not only a Facebook account for Supper Club, but a Twitter feed for Capital Brewery, a YouTube page [ed note: the YouTube page will cause a video to immediately start playing - a big pet peeve of mine - please do not cause my computer to do things if you ever want me to return to your page!], and billboards plastered all over the city.

Social Media is a crazy thing. And, it is, admittedly, in a young stage. But, what I love even more is that it causes such an amazing juxtaposition of old and new. To wit: Capital Brewery. One of the oldest-school breweries in the state, it was founded in 1984 and started brewing in its current location in 1986. In the state, only Sprecher, started in 1985, is an (arguably) older craft brewery.*

Capital is most well-known for its stodgy-German lager beers. Yet, it is probably one of the most innovative in marketing. You can chalk it up to their marketing company [ed note: more annoying auto-play] if you like. But, really, anything that turns Kirby Nelson into a blogger is A-OK in my book.

Oh! The sweet, sweet revenge that life sometimes exacts on us.

* You can yell at the Brewer's Association for this one. Stevens Point Brewery and Gray's (and others for that matter), because of the significant use of adjuncts in the flagship brands, are not considered a "craft" breweries, although they do make some craft brands.

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