Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anchor Brewery Sold

While I've been writing about weed, apparently real beer writers have been doing some real work. From Jay Brooks and his Brookston Beer Bulletin:
I heard the rumor less than an hour ago and have been working the phones, to no avail. ... Press Release ... The Griffin Group, an investment and consulting company focused on beverage alcohol brands, announced its acquisition of Anchor Brewing Company which includes its portfolio of craft beers and artisan spirits, including the award winning Anchor Steam Beer. ... In addition to the Anchor Beers, The Griffin Group will assume control of the spirits brands including Old Potrero Whiskey, Junipero Gin and Genevieve Gin through the acquisition of Anchor Brewing Company. Additional affiliated companies to be held under Anchor Brewers & Distillers include Preiss Imports, a leading US specialist spirits and beer importer, and BrewDog USA, LLC, the US division of the leading UK craft beer.
I'm not entirely sure this is anything more than a re-alignment for marketing purposes. Of course, that's where it all starts, though, right?


  1. Oh no! What will become of my watermelon wheat?!

  2. Not a marketing thing. Maytag's getting up in age and wanted to sell the brand to people who trusts. Hopefully, they'll maintain the integrity of the brand.

    Not sure what "Watermelon Wheat" is talking about in the comments.


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