Monday, March 8, 2010

MBR and CheeseUnderground Literacy Network Tasting

I've mentioned this before, and I promise tomorrow we'll get back to Big Beer Week(s), but I wanted to give it one last shout-out before the event tomorrow.

Madison Beer Review (me) and CheeseUnderground (Jeanne Carptenter) are getting together to present a beer and cheese tasting. The event is free of charge. It is at The Malt House starting at 6pm.

You read that correctly. Beer and Cheese Tasting. Free.

Yeah. That's how we roll around here. Jeanne has very generously offered to donate the cheese and The Malt House is donating the beer.

Jeanne is going to give a brief talk about artisnal cheese and what makes artisnal cheese just so damned ... artisnal. You'll get to taste some damned mighty fine cheeses, as well (menu below). Then I'll talk about beer styles. I will try to be brief. But, anyone who's heard me speak will probably attest to my rather long-windedness. But I will try to keep it brief. Then we'll taste some beer and some cheese.

Why are we doing this you ask? Nobody just hands out free beer and cheese right? Well, this event is part of a series of events to raise awareness about the Literacy Network.
Literacy Network serves primarily low income adults and families in need of literacy services by offering programs specifically tailored to the needs, goals, and different learning styles of the individual students: One-to-one Tutoring for ESL and Basic Literacy; Small ESL classes; Community Literacy; Family Literacy and English in the Schools; Integrated English and Civics Education; Workplace Literacy.

All programs are free of charge.
Since their programs are free of charge, so is ours. Of course, a $5-10 donation per person to Literacy Network might be a nice thank you.

What can you expect?

Saxon Creamery Saxony
Uplands Creamery Pleasant Ridge Reserve
Marieke Aged Gouda
Marieke Foenegreek Gouda

Tyranena Bitter Woman
Central Waters' Peruvian Morning Coffee Stout
O'So Dominator Dopplebock
Furthermore Knot Stock

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