Thursday, March 18, 2010

Madison Beer Review Presents Beer Talk Today - Vintage Brewing Company

On this episode of Beer Talk Today, we head out to the new Vintage Brewing Company to try the first three beers produced in the new brewpub, the Weiss-Blau Heffeweizen, Dedication Belgian Abbey style ale, and the Scardey Cat Double Oatmeal Stout. We also talk briefly with brewmaster Scott Manning. Editor's note: I call Scott "Eric" for most of the clip before he corrects me, and I have no idea where I got Eric from.

Here's the mp3.



  1. Eric must be Scott Manning's assistant - Scott is the brewmaster.

  2. No, I just made that name up out of nowhere. We speak with Scott at the end of the clip.

  3. I thought Rich Becker was the brewmaster and Scott was his assistant. And Eric was in the kitchen as chef. Interesting conversation, I hope all goes well, I know they have a new name, but to me and the crew it will always be TJ Whitneys'.

  4. Rich is back!? That is totally nice, when he was brewing at the Grumpy Troll the beer was soooo much better! Bring back the Red Eye Troll!

    Can I get my mug back from Jt’s?


  5. Nope, Rich isn't back, Scott is the brewmaster.


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