Monday, January 4, 2010

That Review I Promised - O'So Dank

Sorry, but I'm a bit under the weather this past weekend. Let's just say $3 bloody marys are not always as good of an idea as they seem.

O'So Dank
BeerAdvocate(A-). RateBeer(65).

Appearance: hazy copper with a persistent tan head; a gorgeous beer served at 50 degrees
Aroma: big, bright floral and citrus hops me want to drink instead of write these damned notes; alcohol, biscuit and tiny bit of caramel sneak in, too
Flavor: alcohol and hops; solid malt balance; tastes like a big British (bread and biscuit) as opposed to American (caramel) red; the comes all the way through, but the complexity is tantalizing
Body: medium bodied with a surprising (given all the malt in here) dry, but long finish
Drinkability: the medium body and amazing malt complexity kept me drinking; the hops made me want a second, the alcohol made me re-think a third
Summary: Awesome. Period. Imperial Red. Strong Ale. Imperial Scotch. Old Ale. Call it whatever you want, I loved it. This beer will hold up really well for aging and it will be a great one to revisit year after year. An instant classic.


  1. Agreed! It was one of the cloudiest beers I have ever had. It really did beckon for another by the time I finished it.

  2. I didn’t get to try the Dank but I tried the Pumpkin beer and it reminded me of that spoiled porter beer from New Glarus. I didn’t like it, you could say it was O’so Bad. So I went to the store to return it and they said that they had got a lot of returns on that beer. I am wondering if that “Dank” will is gonna stank…..

  3. Had a Dank last night - yep, it's really good. Good price point, good flavor, ageable, definitely going to drink more.

    As for the pumpkin - I thought it was a very very good beer. better at a warmer temp (55+) that brought the smoke, spice, funk, and maltiness into balance. with a chill on it was incredibly harsh and sharp tasting. The Dank is nothing like it; except that I like it just as much.

    fwiw: the old english porter from new glarus is not spoiled; it tastes as they wanted it to, and quite a few people like it. If it's not your preference that's fine, but please don't call it something it isn't.


  4. Over the fall as we winterizing the cabin, I picked up some of that Pumpkin beer from OSO. And like the other previous anonymous said it was spoiled. I also returned it to the store and the manager said most had been returned. After that I am really scared to drink OSO. Whenever we get up there we opt for Central Waters, Point or other Wisconsin micros.

  5. One of the best beers I've ever had. Dank is definitely in my Wisco top ten.


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