Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lakefront Holiday Spice Lager

I really, really want to get up a review of the new Lakefront Local Acre. But, I'm trying to put together an event for that tasting and it looks like it'll have to wait until after the New Year. So, sorry. In the meantime, since it's the holidays, here's Lakefront's Holiday Spice Lager.
Our version of a winter warmer: brewed with cinnamon, orange zest, clove and generous amounts of honey. Pours a deep amber to
ruby color with an off-white head. Aromas are fruity and spicy, with a slight floral undertone from the lager yeast. The flavor is smooth, full and spicy, balanced by the bite of Mt. Hood hops and a substantial, warming alcohol character. This is a full bodied beer, making it a holiday taste sensation that will warm your bones on a cold winter night.

Great with holiday meals; really cuts through the richness of fatty meats like goose and beef roast. Also a nice treat on its own…try sipping our Holiday Spice Lager by the fire on a cold Wisconsin evening and create joyful holiday memories that you'll hold on to.
Lakefront Holiday Spice Lager
BeerAdvocate(B+). RateBeer(85).
Appearance: A dense, two-finger, white-ish head; body is bronzed brown; looks a lot like a brown ale, or a dopplebock; a large helping of carbonation
Aroma: clove and cinnamon is immediate; the orange is a little harder to spot; a sweet, bready, earthy fruit maltiness
Flavor: plenty of alcohol bite competes with the spicing for your attention; malt is hidden, though the hops come out more in the finish
Body: so viscous, the bubbles look like they are struggling to make it to the top, more like oozing to the top; it coats the mouth, has a long, alcoholic finish
Drinkability: this is definitely a sipper; I might be able to drink two if I had one with dinner, but I certainly wouldn't be driving afterwards
Summary: A nice holiday treat; someone on the Lakefront website mentioned that they had annual holiday bet if you could drink a six-pack of this in one evening - this isn't something I would recommend, or even try; I'd like some more complexity, to see the malts come out of the spicing and the alcohol, but even as it is, it is a nice sipping beer that is definitely something a little different.

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